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Did You Ever Wonder Where Kneepad Liberals At Your Local TV Stations Get Their Liberal Media Conspiracy Updates?

VIDEO MSNBC: Ryan Not Quitting Over Trump A ‘Stain’ on His Reputation


VIDEO CBS’s King to Ryan: I Feel Sad as You ‘Exclude’ Women and Minorities

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Before They Loved Comey, the Liberal Media Trashed Him

VIDEO CNN Uses Fumble During Hearing to Attack Judge’s Position on Abortion

VIDEO O’Donnell: Paul Ryan Worse Than Pedophile and Slave Owning Speakers

VIDEO Hateful Hip-Hop: Top U.S. R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Objectify Women 55 TimesKaepernick Deposition Coverage Trashes Pence, Christians

VIDEO Matthews Admits Media Show Trump Tape for ‘Fun,’ Bludgeon Him on Syria

VIDEO Nets Totally Ignore Pro-Life Walkout, Spent 10 Minutes on Gun Walkout

NYT Skips That Boko Haram Targeted Girls Because They Were Christians

VIDEO Claiming Scalps: NBC Declares Paul Ryan Victim of 2018 ‘Blue Wave’


VIDEO Of Course He Did: Acosta Floats Impeachment to WH’s Sanders

VIDEO ‘Empire:’ ‘My Body, My Choice’ Trope Justifies Abortion

VIDEO ‘Star’ Twist: Illegal Alien Discovers His Status, Told He’s Not ‘Safe’NYT Smears ‘Climate Denialists,’ Accuses Skeptic of ‘Falsehoods’

VIDEO U.S. Official on FX’s The Americans: Reagan ‘Might Be Going Senile’

After Mentioning Trump, Time Mag Quizzes Albright About Hitler

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