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Special “Columbus Day Name Change” E-dition


Trump’s 997th Day In Office

Because American Indian Lives Matter


This morning in our Official “Columbus Day” E-dition, The Blower reminded everybody how the Politically Correct Cincinnati City Clown-cil voted 6-0 to celebrate Politically Correct “Indigenous Peoples Day” on the same day as the federally recognized holiday Columbus Day to pander to the American Indians in the Queen City. BTW, the word “Indigenous” means “Native.” All of which makes about as much sense as trying to convince really rich residents of Indian Hill to change their community’s name to Indigenous Peoples Hill. Lots of luck with that stupid idea.

image010Efforts to shift the day’s focus from the Italian explorer began during the Age of Obama in cities like Seattle, Minneapolis and Albuquerque, and this year Politically Correct “Indigenous Peoples Day” has replaced “Columbus Day” in three states ( Minnesota,  Vermont, and Alaska, and in South Dakota where “Columbus Day” has been replaced by “Native American Day). 

image010Many other Politically Correct Cities changed the name of “Columbus Day” to Politically Correct “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

image010Columbus Day supporters say the holiday celebrates centuries of cultural exchange between America and Europe, commemorates an iconic explorer and honors Italian-Americans, a group that has endured its own share of discrimination.

image010American Indians may be the nation’s smallest demographic, making up only about 2% of the U.S. population. But in recent decades, a significant number of tribal members have moved from reservations to urban areas, where a large majority live today. The shift makes those cities’ resolutions and proclamations more meaningful.

image010Three years ago in in Cincinnati, Sharon Coolidge (D., Fishwrap) quoted wannabe mayor Yvette Simpson as follows:  “The work is not done,” said Simpson after the vote. She added she was left with no choice but to think mayoral politics played a role in the defeat of her Motion to Pander.  “What else could it be?” Yvette said.”

Conservative Curmudgeon Stu Mahlin had the simple answer:  As representatives of the electorate, not just political grandstanders, those who refused to vote are finally beginning to sense that the electorate is sick and tired of social engineering and revisionist histories, and that attempts by meddling minorities to rule the rest of us is damn well not what America’s Constitutional Republic is about. 

image010image006Does anybody remember when City Clown-cil Gay Chris Squealback called for the City to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Faggots Day with Mayor Cranley performing same-sex marriages on Fountain Square at Noon today to pander to the 1.6% of the local population actually affected? We’re sure our Feckless Fishwrappers would’ve covered that diverse distraction.

image010In Anderson, American Indian Activists should’ve given up long ago trying to change the name of the Anderson Redskins, but now they’re are  demanding the name of the Turpin High School Spartans be changed for the sake of diversity, or something.  

image010Radical ANTIFA Terrorists declared today “Deface Columbus Day” with plans to despoil and disfigure every Columbus statue in America.  

image010And God only knows what plans PC Fanatics have in store to divide Americans in “Indiana” or “Columbus, Ohio” today, while at this afternoon’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Beloved Whistleblower Published Charles Foster Kane was Indigenous People don’t have their own day for the same reason we don’t fly the Confederate Flag on Memorial Day— because they lost! 

Goodbye, Columbus Day