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“Only Twenty One More Days Inauguration Day 2021” E-dition





Our Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave” was NOT part of the Marvelous Media Meltdown to come that’s been going on since the Greatest Election Night In History.  

That’s why The Blower has always been pleased to re-publish “Cincy Dave’s” scholarly attempts to be fair-and-balanced following the 2016 Presidential Election.

We continue with Cincy Dave’s latest thoughts on Trump’s 2020 Most Admired Man’s Trophy.

Each year since 1946, the Gallup poll has asked Americans to name the man and woman they admire the most. And this year, Donald Trump finally came out on top, capturing 18% of the “most admired man” vote. The most admired woman, for the third year in a row, was Michelle Obama, who collected 10% of the vote, followed by Kamala Harris (6%), and Melania Trump (4%).

 The reason that we write that Trump “finally” won is that the distinction usually goes to the incumbent president. Last year, Trump tied with Barack Obama, but this year the cheese stands alone, ending a 12-year run for Obama. The only other 12-time most admired man was Dwight D. Eisenhower, who—like Obama—was recognized for each of the 9 years he was running for the White House/in the White House, and who stole another 3 years from an unpopular incumbent (in Ike’s case, Harry S. Truman).


Looking more closely, however, the news is not quite so good as it seems for Trump, and it’s positively concerning for his party. The Donald did not pick up any support in the last year (when he also claimed 18% of the vote); he only outpaced Obama because some Democrats switched their votes to Joe Biden or to Anthony Fauci.  Meanwhile, only 48% of Republicans favored Trump, while at the same time no other member of the GOP polled above 1%. Put another way, half the Party is not in love with the President, but there’s also no clear successor to challenge his claim to the Red Throne. That’s a recipe for intra-party warfare if we’ve ever seen one.


And speaking of Biden, he managed to collect 6% of the vote, placing him in third behind Trump and Obama. It’s not common for presidents-elect to come out on top; Obama and Eisenhower were the exceptions. At the same time, it’s also uncommon for a sitting president to come up short. In fact, all of them have eventually risen to #1, though it took a couple of years for Trump and for Jerry Ford. So, if Uncle Joe does not eventually improve on that 6%, it’s a little worrisome for him, though perhaps less so if it’s Obama keeping him from the top slot, since Biden is widely seen as an avatar of Obama. Certainly, that’s less bad than losing out to the popular general who won a world war, and who is likely to challenge your party in the next presidential election.

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