“conservative curmudgeon” (02/11/2024)

image006image003TODAY IS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2024

AND YOU NOW ONLY HAVE 49 MORE DAYS TO FILE YOUR JACKED-UP TAX VALUATION APPEAL WITH HAMILTON COUNTY’S DITZY D-RAT-CONTROLLED BOARD OF REVULSIONConservative Curmudgeon Stu Mahlin Says The Blower Has Been Exposing Hamilton County’s Jacked Up Tax Valuation Scam For Years.

 And Yesterday When We Had All That Fun Wondering What Was Behind That Curious Property Value Reduction On Bengals Multi-Millionaire Quarterback Joe Burrow’s $7.5 Million Anderson Township Estate.

Today We’re Wondering Why Those Ditzy D-RATS Responsible For Jacking Up Your PROPERTY VALUES Haven’t Published What Happened To THEIRS.

That Would’ve Been The Open And Honest Thing To Do.


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