“conservative curmudgeon” (02/10/2024)

image006image003TODAY IS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2024

AND YOU NOW ONLY HAVE 50 MORE DAYS TO FILE YOUR JACKED-UP TAX VALUATION APPEAL WITH HAMILTON COUNTY’S DITZY D-RAT-CONTROLLED BOARD OF REVULSIONConservative Curmudgeon Stu Mahlin Says The Blower Has Been Exposing Hamilton County’s Jacked Up Tax Valuation Scam For Years.

 And With Dumbed-Down Voters Still Planning Not To Boycott Watching Tomorrow’s NFL Super Bowl Game, Many Victims Of The Ditzy-D-RAT Hamilton County Auditor’s Ongoing Jacked-Up Tax Valuation Scam Are Wondering What Was Behind That Curious Property Value Reduction On Bengals Multi-Millionaire Quarterback Joe Burrow’s $7.5 Million Anderson Township Estate.

The Previous Owner Of Burrow’s Estate Paid $70,679 In Property Taxes In 2023, According To The Auditor’s Website. Burrow’s Tax Bill For 2024 Will Only Be $56,294.


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