Special “Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest” E-dition

image013image012TODAY IS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2024



“Rude Remarks”

           This week, everybody who says Donald J. Trump just got himself re-elected yesterday when all his enemies over-reacted to another typical anti-Trump WaPo FAKE NEWS report (this one, claiming The Trumpster had actually used the word “Shithole” during a private meeting), twittered an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

           image004The winner is Randy Rude, our Uncivil Libertarian who says it’s insulting how the Left has deemed words used Donald Trump, the TEA Party and other libertarian groups as uncivil and a threat to political discourse, because unlike Fishwrap bloggers, who pretend to care about maintaining a dose of civility, The Blower SHOULD ALWAYS contain unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic, profane, or indecent (but not poorly written) information. Everything we write doesn’t have to be so mean-spirited, it’s just so much more fun that way!

Randy wins a list of “1,001 Insults for All Occasions;” a seat on Cincinnati Munchkin Mayor John Cranley’s new Uncivil Rights Commission; a chance to avoid the next forum about the protection, costs, and impact of provocative public speech moderated by Beyond Civility, (featuring Leftists like Aftab Pureval, Hamilton County Clerk of Courts; Dr. John Paul Wright, Professor, University of Cincinnati; Ken Wall, Director, SAFE Cincinnati; Hamilton County Judge Fanon Rucker, and Feckless Fishwrapper Cindi Andrews) and an opportunity to be on the air with WLW Hate Radio Racist-in-Residence Bill Cunningham to listen to the tape recording of that time Eric ‘Call Me Crazy” Deters telephoned Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane and called him a “mutherfucker” 427 times in less than five minutes. His winning limerick is: 

The reason we have no civility
Is that voters no longer have the ability
To distinguish between truth and fiction –
Thanks to widespread media dereliction –
And, among candidates, a complete lack of virility.

Tomas de Torquemada says
The reason we have no civility,
As well as a lack of virility:
The left has decided the time has come
To turn the US into one vast slum.
Anyone who resists must be demonized;
Sucker-punched, intimidated and despised.
And who prepared this wave of subversion,
This well-funded barbarian incursion?
None other than Barack Hussein Obama,
With a missing pop and a whitey mamma.
This corrupt agent of hostility
Has destroyed our public tranquility.

Dishonorable Mentions Include:

The reason we have no civility
And politicians have no virility,
Is the pursuit of the Almighty Buck
It’s turned everyone into a schmuck,
Obsessed with their financial viability.

The reason we have no civility
Can be broken down into a trilogy
Pundits shout at the masses
Spouting nonsense from their asses
To make-up for their lack of ability.

And from our Anderson Laureate, each of these entries has been approved by the American Uncivil Liberties Union:

The reason we have no civility
Is that the Left believes it is nobility.
For them to be kind
And have an open mind
Would simply be beyond their ability.

The reason we have no civility
Is that Liberals have no humility.
They always know what is best
For all of the rest
And if you complain, they call it “hostility.”

The reason we have no civility
Is because of liberal hostility
They think they are right
And want to show you the light
The problem is, they have no ability.

The reason we have no civility
Our nature is fraught with fragility.
We might want to be nice
But if you take my advice
You’ll fight the Left with all your ability.

The reason we have no civility
Is that Liberals lack an ounce of humility
They’re better than we are,
Matthews, Krugman and Behar,
Don’t expect them to accept responsibility.

The Left hates Beck, Rush and Hannity
But don’t you question their humanity
If you don’t follow their script,
Have no doubt, you’ll get ripped
I’ve had enough of all their insanity.

So when anything bad takes place,
Whether it’s about gays, Trump, or race,
You can bet your sweet tail
Libs will rant and they’ll rail
Even though they don’t have a case.

       Finally, Perturbed In Park Hills Says:

The reason we have no civility:

The truth is now a liability


Lies are in control in the public square,

And God forbid you should mention prayer.


Only two genders? You’re now a transphobe,

With hate aimed at you from around the globe.


Deny climate change? You’re no scientist!

For Bernie’s gulags you’re a finalist.


Deport illegals and close the border?

That’s a nativist, racist disorder!


Won’t bake a cake for Ben Dover and Phil?

You’d better lawyer up – you know the drill.


Truth, in fact, makes the snowflakes scream for blood,

With orchestrated “outrage” that’s pure mud.


It’s just Commie-style intimidation

By those who seek your indoctrination.

Put on your MAGA hat, get up and fight,

Or to our liberty we’ll say good-night.

The first line of next week’s limerick is:
“When someone sends you a tweet”image012image013