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You Can’t Handle the Truth

This week, everybody who wonders if Obama really didn’t have something to do with that Obamagate Scandal we keep hearing about these days, e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

The winner is well known lie detector, Pinocchio Tadwell, who explains the reason elected officials never have to worry about telling the truth during political campaigns is because they haven’t been sworn in. If a man answered every question with the threat of perjury hanging over his head, you might not hear so many bald-faced lies during political campaigns.

Pinocchio wins a Bill Clinton “I did Not Have Sex With That Woman” Poster, a George Bush “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” T-Shirt, and a list of 1001 Lies Obama’s during the Worst Presidency In American History, to use when he calls up right-wing radio talk shows. His winning limerick is: 

How many lies did Obama tell
As he tries to drive the U.S. straight to Hell
Marx’s lies he keeps plying
And the Liberals keep buying
While the Media’s legs throb and pants swell

Tomas de Torquemada says
How many lies did Obama tell
He’ll recall when he’s sent down to hell.
There he’ll see Alinsky, Frank Davis,
And the guy who shot up Las Vegas,
And his phony peace prize from Nobel!

How many lies did Obama tell?
Black Pinocchio has quite the smell.

So you thought Slick Willie was bad news?
Bullshit Barry way outgrew those shoes.

Obamacare lies, Benghazi lies,
Bill Ayers lies and terrorist ties.

Lobbyist lies and IRS spies,
Fort Hood lies; transparency’s demise!

The biggest lie by this transgender clown
(Though I might be using the wrong pronoun)
Was that he was born in the USA.
Right – and I sell makeup for Mary Kay.
Let’s deport this Manchurian scum
To somewhere far out, like kingdom come.

And from the Anderson Laureate (who’s still not successfully completed his racial sensitivity correspondence course),

How many lies did Obama tell?
How long will Satan be living in hell?
Hey, just do the math:
The man is a sociopath
And he’s got nothing but BS to sell.

He’s as pompous as anyone I’ve known
And he’s a socialist clear to the bone
Please God in November
Let’s hope people remember
The last four years have caused us to moan.

Perturbed in Park Hills Say
How many lies did Obama tell?
His career has a maggoty smell..

First lie: was born in the USA.
Second lie: wasn’t a Commie’s prey.

Third lie: discarded his Muslim creed.
Fourth lie: with a pervert claims to breed.

Fifth lie: has his trail of lies erased,
So his record of fraud can’t be traced.

Sixth lie: builds the most corrupt regime
That any leftist could ever dream.

How many sides does this man’s mouth sport?
“I doubt it’s a real mouth,” I retort.

“It’s a sewer that opens quite wide
And reeks of deceit he cannot hide.

You’ll need a gas mask to bear the stench
Of the slime that’ll make your teeth clench.”

He brought America to the brink,
But thank God we couldn’t stand the stink.

How long will Trump have to fight this scum?
No doubt all the way to kingdom come.

And Pancho Villa Says

How many lies did Obama tell?

Why isn’t he sitting in a cell?

Instead, he whispers into Joke’s* ear,

Playing the smug Commie puppeteer.

His “fundamental transformation”

Has ruined the life of our nation,

Splitting us up into warring tribes

While our electeds take Chicom bribes.

“Hate America” –  the real white rage;

Love your country? Welcome to your cage!

Illegal alien? Come right in!

Sending you home? What a heinous sin!

Obama fed the Deep State sewer

While making D.C. even bluer.

Now CAIR and Hamas worm their way in

With a never-ending mealy-mouthed spin.

Their socialist-Muslim alliance

Intends to obtain our compliance.

The traitor B.O. should be in jail

Without a chance of release on bail.

And Pissed-Off In Park Hills Says

How many lies did Obama tell,

While his soul he proceeded to sell?

A better question: what about truth?

He left that annoyance in his youth.

Taught by Commie Frank Marshall Davis,

He learned that only Marx can save us.

America’s capitalist pigs,

Living high in their privileged digs,

Must be brought down to Third World status,

Living off guvmint handouts, gratis.

Now he owns 15,000 square feet

Rubbing elbows with wealthy elite.

“Climate change? Bah, humbug!” says Barry,

“That crap’s just for Tom, Dick and Harry!”

“Martha’s Vineyard is the place for me,

29 acres right on the sea!”

“Wear a COVID mask? Surely you jest!

With special immunity I’m blessed!”

So it goes for the Obama men:

Barry and Michael in their dark den.

The first line of next week’s limerick is:
“When the kids finally go back to school”


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