Special “Thursday’s Tactics” E-dition

Thursday’s Top Ten List

Tonight It’s The Top Ten Ways You Know People On The Left Are Afflicted With “Trump Derangement Syndrome”:

10. Deranged Bernie Sanders Supporter attempts to Assassinate Republican Congressmen At A Congressional Republican Baseball Practice Wednesday Morning In Alexandria, Virginia
9. Professor Called For House Republicans To Be ‘Lined Up And Shot’
8. Hypocritical NYT Forced to Retract Lie That Palin Caused Giffords Shooting
7. HuffPost Writer Wishes ‘Violent Resistance’ Were More ‘Organized’
6. NYC’s ’Julius Caesar’ Continues With Nightly Assassination of Trump
5. Loretta Lynch called for “blood in the streets”
4. Brzezinski Suggests Trump to Blame for Anti-GOP Rampage
3. In Georgia Liberals Stuff Mailboxes with Disgusting anti-GOP Flyers, Threaten Candidate with Powder
2. Pelosi Yesterday: Unity, Not Division — Today: Republicans are the Worst
..and the Number One Way You Know People On The Left Are Afflicted With “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is…Liberal Violence in America Is Becoming Commonplace And Here Are Just A Few Examples.

Breitbart Shows Us 15 Times Celebrities Envisioned Violence Against Trump And The GOP

Tonight’s Top Ten Video Reports

Dobbs: All The Investigations Against Trump Are A Waste Of Time, Money

CNN’s Fake News Incites Mass Shooting

Gutfeld: The Politics Of Destruction

Krauthammer: NY Times’ Shooting Op-Ed ‘Completely Egregious’

Ingraham Slams The Left For Not Condemning Violent Rhetoric

Pelosi Goes Off On Republicans Over Shooting Comments

Rachel Maddow Reacts to News That Alexandria Shooter Was a Fan of Hers

CIVIL WAR WATCH: The Left Celebrates Shooting Of GOP Rep Scalise

He Broke Me Says A Tearful James Comey

Larry The Cable Guy Nails It On Donald Trump

Tonight’s Congressional Kumbaya Baseball Game During The Nation’s “Moment of Unity” With Not A Smidgen Of Poisonous Partisanship

Now Here’s Tonight’s Fake News Fun From The Onion

Authorities Praise Twitter Users’ Rapid Response To Virginia Shooting 

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Recounting how they rushed to the social media platform in a matter of moments, local authorities Wednesday praised Twitter users’ rapid response to the shooting of a Republican congressman and four others. “We would like to acknowledge those Twitter users who, without any hesitation, immediately leaped into action after they saw the first headline about today’s tragedy,” said Alexandria Police Chief Michael Brown, adding that they didn’t think twice before assigning blame or fueling speculation, willingly engaging in petty arguments and personal attacks in a situation where any normal person would have just stayed away. “Focused and intent on getting their takes out there, they disregarded all consequences and, as if by instinct, jumped right into the fray, not wasting precious seconds confirming the veracity of their claims or checking the spelling of their statements.” Brown went on to say that this level of dedication should come as no surprise to anyone, as Twitter users go above and beyond like this every single day.


Tonight’s Ben Garrison Moment 

​”Lighting The Fuse
For some reason, many of those on the left think it’s perfectly A-OK to call for the death of our president. Some call for it directly, others indirectly. It may come in the form of ‘performance art’ where Trump becomes Julius Caesar and is stabbed to death. Kathy Griffin joked about him being decapitated, while holding up a facsimile of his severed head. In one of his videos, Snoop Dogg was shown shooting at President Trump. Madonna wanted to blow up the White House. 
..…….Read More at the Cartoon Blog 

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Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane Says The Conservative Agenda Is Now Working On Donald Trump’s Second 100 Days To Make America Great Again. Today Is Day Number 148. There Are Now Only 1,235 More Days Until Trump’s Re-election Day on November 3, 2020.