Special “Media Hype Update” E-dition



Look at the E-Mail We Just Received

Subject:  Change Of Current Lead Story
To:           All Members Of The Mainstream News Media
From:      Media Hype Headquarters, New York

Your Current Lead Story Has Been Changed.     

image006Coverage of the “Alleged Attacker who shot Republican Congressman Steve Scalise and several congressional aides at a congressional Republican baseball practice Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia” now becomes your Lead Story on all newscasts and breaking news updates.

image006The “Alleged Attacker James Hodgkinson who shot Republican Representative Steve Scalise and several congressional aides now” temporarily replaces “Trump Must Be Impeached,” which had been your Lead Story ever since Senate DemocRATS failed to take down Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions at yesterday’s Senate Hearing.

image006As usual, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe should be quoted favoring Gun Control, and no mention should be made of today’s Deranged DemocRAT’S Anti-Trump Tweets and Facebook entries, that The Bernie Sanders Volunteer was a Comedy Central and Rachel Maddow Fan still distraught over the election, belonged to anti-GOP Hate Groups, had said “It’s Time To Destroy Trump & Company,” or that he wanted to “Kill As Many Republicans As Possible.”

image006Also, no credit whatsoever should be given to Ohio Second District Republican Podiatrist Congressman Bird Colonel “Bronze Star Brad” Wenstrup for rushing to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s side Wednesday morning, as a stream of blood trailed behind the Louisiana congressman, after which Jerry Springer said, “Maybe I don’t want to run in Ohio’s Second District anyhow.”

            Barry Bluster,
         Media Hype Headquarters, New York

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