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FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2016       

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image004image005If only Saint Patrick were alive these days, he could stop in at the White House, Congress, your State House, every city hall and courthouse in the tri-state, and especially at Hamilton County RINO Party Headquarters, the Anderson Government Center, and the Forrest Gump School District, where we need to get rid of some of the biggest snakes in history —Harry the Herpetologist

image004Yesterday was officially St. Patrick’s Day in Greater Cincinnati. That’s when people of Irish descent have too much to drink, or as former Cincinnati Mayor Quisling Charlie Luken calls it, “Tuesday.” Hurley the Historian

image004Why weren’t there more Black Irish people marching in last weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade? —Belligerent Black Blogger Nate “Rhymes With Hate” Livingston  

image004The best part of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade was seeing Erin Go Bra-less. —Horny Hibernians

image004We remember two years ago at this time when The Fishwrap was cheerleading for Rob “Fighting for Flamers” Portman’s evolving position on same sex marriage, as well as exaggerating the importance of some unhappy gay group that wasn’t allowed to take part in Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. —Whistleblower Alternative Life-Styles Correspondents Ben Dover and Phil McKrevis

image004Those “Fluffers” in the media always know where to find a lot of Sodomy Rites Activists to interview in a hurry. —Greater Cincinnati Moral Authority Chairman Phil Burr-ass

image004image010Speaking of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, some of those Irish people looked like our members. —The KKK

image004Would any of you dudes like to see my shillelagh. —Cincinnati Clowncilgay Chris Squealback 

image004Maybe that’s why we chose Oscar Wilde’s, “A true friend stabs you in the front.” —Quote for Today Committee

image004What’s the biggest difference between Black History Month and St. Patrick’s Day? On St. Patrick’s Day everybody wants to be Irish. —Redneck Republicans

 image004Did The Blower forget to mention that Palm Sunday has always been my favorite holiday? —Judge Mike Barrett (still keeping everything well in hand) 

image004image012It’s too bad we don’t still have the Ohio Presidential Primary Elections coming up. —Campaign Countdown Clock Watchers 

image004That means there are only 60 mudslinging days till the May 17 primaries in Kentucky. —Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo

image004Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, was the biggest backstabber of all?  —Political Insiders at the Conservative Agenda

image004If you’re an elected official in Northern Kentucky, you might be a backstabber. —Jeff Foxworthy

image004Spring usually arrives in the tri-state when UC basketball fans are home watching the Kentucky Wildcats play on TV. —Whistleblower Senior Spoiled Sports Editor Andy Furball

image004Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati Spiral Stakes, unlike in Anderson when River Downs is usually still under water.  —Turfway Touts

image004image014Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until drunks sober up from St. Patrick’s Day. —Mainstrasse Bars

image004Spring doesn’t usually arrive in Northern Kentucky until we start tossing back Bock beer chasers. But ah, it greets the lips like an old friend. —Michael Liquid Plummer and Nathan “Cornbread” Smith

image004Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until we’ve each devoured 437 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. —Clueless Marc Wilson and Scott “Pass the Biscuits” Kimmich

image004Spring never officially arrived in Northern Kentucky during the good old days until I got my Hummer polished, if you know what I mean. —Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney E. Rob Sanders

image004Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until the Bluegrass Bar Association refuses to return my law license. —Big Mouth, Most Sanctioned, Ambulance Chaser, No Count of a Radio Host, Shameless Self Promoter, Willie Wannabe, Why Won’t They Let Me Practice Law Again, Who Likes Bulldogs and Failed Roadhouse Operator Eric “Call Me Crazy” Deters

image004I agree. —Greedy Hearse-Chasing, Disgraced-DemocRAT Clinton-loving, Fen-Phen Scandal Plagued, Not-yet-Indicted Trial Attorney $tan Che$ley

image004image018Happy St. Patrick’s Day to an Irish relative who came here with a dream of equality and now wants to move back because we elected a black president. —Mother Machree

image004Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until all Covington sex shops have their annual Spring sale. —Steve “I’m 5’0, Not 4’11” Mergele and Will “The Thrill” Terwort

image004Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until you have sex with your first spring sheep. —Gex “Rhymes With Sex” Williams

image004Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until people at least start thinking about paying their taxes. —Your Friends at the IRS

image004Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until you tickle a young man’s fancy. —MILFs on Probation

image004Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until we fake our equinox orgasms. —Uptight Bitches in Fort Mitchell

image004Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until people are lined up for Opening Day tickets in May to see the Florence Freedom. —Y’All Ville Mayor Blondie “I Thought You Guys at the Blower Forgot About Me” Whalen

image004image019Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky till I celebrate BB&BJ Day on March 20. —Horny in Hebron

image004I went to the local hardware store for a pint of green paint and today I’ll paint my ass green and stand on the corner of Anderson/Crescent Springs Road and Buttermilk Pike and all you Irish can come by and KISS IT! —Mayor Butch Callery

image004Trish O’Dish says Spring doesn’t officially arrive in Northern Kentucky until St. Patrick sees his shadow. —TV 19 News

image004Sure and Begorrah, my job at WCPO-TV really has its ups and downs. —Danny Boy O’Carroll

image004And if all of that isn’t Newsworthy enough, check out “Boston Mayor Throws Out First Punch At St. Patrick’s Day Parade.” —The Onion

 image004Remember: We never print all the bad stuff we know and certain people ought to be damn glad we don’t, especially Charlie Luken.

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  Whistleblower Official Weekly Disclaimer

image023Sometimes The Blower makes fun of fake Irish people to show that all this diversity crap is not appropriate in our society. This should be clear to anybody who isn’t a drunken Blarney Stone-kissing, Shillelagh-shaking Mick.

       Disclaimer: This publication is a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons living or dead without satirical intent is purely coincidental, especially “Erin Go Bragh less.”

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image025 Some inebriated Irish items in today’s Blower were sent in by our equally inebriated Irish subscribers.

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The Horrifying True Story of St. Patrick’s Day

(Sent in by Women’s History Month Faux Facebook Friend Rosemary Kelly Schatzman [317 Friends, 23 Mutual], who works very hard at being retired)

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