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Tonight’s Really Big Story

image004Whistleblower Senior National Political Affairs Analyst Britt Humus says the two leading GOP campaigns intend to muscle the Ohio governor out of the race. Advisers to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz say there’s no way they’ll allow John Kasich to even compete at a contested national convention — let alone prevail. Trump and Cruz are betting that their dual dominance in the delegate hunt will permanently box out the Ohio governor, who has no mathematical path to the nomination and is openly pursuing a floor fight at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. And their aides say Kasich won’t even make it to the floor.

Other Trending Tales The Blower Will Be Tracking Tonight Include:

image007 - CopySCALIA SCENARIO: The Worst President in History wasted his more of his time nominating federal Court of Appeals Judge Merrick Garland to US Supreme Court to replace Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, setting off an election-year battle after Republicans said the next president should fill his seat, vowing to block any Obama nominee during the next 310 days until America can begin to undo all the damage Obama has done.

image007 - CopyDEMOCRAT SUPPORTED ACTIVISTS PLANNING “PROTEST OF THE CENTURY” AGAINST TRUMP (With little fanfare and almost no news media attention, some of the same radical groups involved in shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last week are plotting a mass civil disobedience movement to begin next month. They intend to march across the East Coast in order to spark a “fire that transforms the political climate in America.”)

image007 - CopyNORTH KOREA SENTENCED LOCAL U.S TOURIST TO 15 YEARS IN PRISON (Otto Warmbier from Wyoming (The City, Not The State) weeks ago had tearfully begged his North Korean captors for forgiveness as he confessed to trying to remove a political banner from a hotel in Pyongyang, the capital. That request was denied Wednesday as North Korea sentenced the 21-year-old University of Virginia economics student to 15 years of hard labor for “acts against the state,” North Korean state media reported. So far, neither Obama nor Ohio Governor John Kasich has said a word.)image005

image007 - CopyGLENN BECK CALLED KASICH A DELUSIONAL SON OF A BITCH FOR STAYING IN THE RACE (After winning the Republican primary in his home state of Ohio Tuesday night, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich announced that he plans to stay the course. Glenn Beck had a few choice words for him.)

image007 - CopyCHABOT CLAIMS KASICH WILL BE TRUMP’S RUNNING MATE: (Ohio First District Congressman Steve Chabot Wednesday predicted that Ohio Governor John Kasich will end up as Donald Trump’s running mate. You can read that nonsense for yourself HERE!)image018


Cybercast News Service reported Obama claimed he did not make his decision to select U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Merrick B. Garland for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court “lightly,” and that the process required him to set aside “narrow politics so as to maintain faith with our founders.”


Plus, these two new videos:

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is targeting Hillary Clinton in a new ad, portraying the Democratic presidential candidate as not tough enough to handle major foreign policy issues.




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Expect The Battle To Continue For The Next 309* Days Until Noon on Inauguration Day When The Nation Can Begin To Undo All The Damage Obama Has Done.


*1,329 if your live in Anderson Townshipimage007

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