Another “Those Were The Good Old Days” E-dition

Trump’s 1279th Day In Office

image004Edition #60 (published on July 23, 1991) of the original printed edition of The Whistleblower (not the Newswire) was delivered to Persons of Consequence all over town. It was our “Sinking to New Levels of Hypocrisy and Greed” Issue, and our Really Big Story was all about Mickey Esposito’s Insanity Defense; Our Top Ten List listed the top ten reasons the Cincinnati Reds were having so many problems that year. Plus there was a MIA Photo of some Channel 12 newscasters.image006

Page Two with Real Editorials by Publisher Charles Foster Kane about how members of the U.S. Senate raised their annual pay $23,200 in a pre-midnight raid on the over-taxed payers.  Real Facts reported on what happens every time Cincinnati City Councilman Nick Vehr goes to the movies. Large Marge was chastised in the Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest.  Plus Citizens for Community Values President Phil Burress wrote about how he overcame his addiction to pornography.image008

Page Three featured Cheap Shots at Butler County troublemaker Nicolas Martin,  Starvin Marvin Warner, and DemocRAT U.S. Senator John Glenn, There was a promo for Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane’s appearance on a 55 WKRC Radio program, as well as also another Real Guest Editorial by Bunky Tadwell (this one was about when kids used to go to the movies).image010

 Page Four was for our regular weekly Real Letters From Real Readers column, and Another Exclusive Whistleblower Report featured a story how the Hamilton County Tax Force would be going through the motions of studying the County’s financial problems so they could recommend a tax increase.image012 Page Five featured Ken Camboo’s Bluegrass Holler saying WLW’s Gary Burbank was opening one of his Real Bar-B-Que joints in Ft. Mitchell. Northern Kentucky Bureau Chief J.R. Hatfield was talking how Northern Kentucky Developer was facing foreclosure on one of his really big deals, and there was a new item at one of the Bernstein’s restaurants.image014

And Page Six included Hotline Hang-ups (some of the anonymous calls received on the Whistleblower Hotline, and in Real Gossip by Linda Libel, we heard more about Andy Furman, Greg Paeth, Anthony Munoz, Marge Schott, Bob Trumpy, John Keiswetter, Dennis Barrie, Toria Tolley, Debra Silberstein, Simon Leis, Ray Combs, Mike Maloney, Jerry Springer, Dwight Tillery, Dr. Slumlord, Pat Barry, Jeff Ruby, and Jim Cissell.  Plus there was an ad for the Downtown Council telling people a great reason to come downtown.image016

It’s really hard to believe how good The Whistleblower was in those days.
You can download that entire edition HERE.image009image010 - Copy