Special “Tuesday’s Triumphs” E-dition

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Trump’s 655th Day In Office

All day to avoid all the media hype of Trump’s Mid-Term Elections, members of The Conservative Agenda have been reliving the thrilling days of yesteryear one more time as we tried to re-experience just what it felt like on the Greatest Election Night In History. 

First, Our Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave,” who’d predicted a landslide victory for Crooked Hillary with a whopping 323 Electoral Votes, had said the 2016 Election was all over but the counting, while The Blower was getting ready for the Marvelous Media Meltdown we’d all enjoy after a victory for The Trumpster.


Then The Blower reviewed the 2016 Election Day Political Cartoons as we tried to compare last year’s Biased Media Coverage to what we see today.


Finally, after watching our 2016 Election Prediction come true and that Marvelous Media Meltdown we’ve continued to see on every one of the 655 days of the Trump Presidency, our 2016 Election Night “Tuesday’s Triumphs” looked something like this: 

  All Night We’d Been Trying To Choose Which To Run

Or This

So now we’re hoping to continue our celebration in 2018 after all the votes are counted tonight.