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Special “Republican Replay” E-dition


Last January 24, watching Executive Order Addict Obama urge Trump to limit his executive orders, we saw The Trumpster Tee Off…

Tonight’s Really Big Story

This evening at The Conservative Agenda, we remember anxiously awaiting for Inauguration Day so President Trump could begin to undo all the damage Obama had done during the past eight years. But here it is, already the Second Day of Trump’s First 100 Days, and according to PBS, we’ve only seen these ten Executive Orders.

 (1) ACA ROLLBACK: Mr. Trump has allowed all agency heads to waive requirements of the Affordable Care Act to the “maximum extent permitted by law.”

(2) REGULATION FREEZE.The president has frozen all regulations now in process (but not approved) until they are approved by him or an agency after he took office. This means any regulation signed by former President Barack Obama in his final weeks in office — including some that deal with energy efficiency standards — are on hold until they’re reviewed by Trump’s administration.

(3) ABORTION.President Trump has ordered that federal dollars cannot go to organizations that provide abortion services.

(4) TPP.This memorandum withdraws the United States from all Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and from signing the trade deal.

(5) FEDERAL HIRING FREEZE.The president has told agencies they cannot fill any vacant positions nor open new ones, with two exceptions: military personnel and critical public safety positions.

(6 + 7) ALLOWING KEYSTONE AND DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINES. We are still awaiting details on the language and scope of this action, but President Trump told reporters his actions today make construction of the controversial pipelines easier.

(8) PIPELINES MUST HIRE AMERICAN. As above, we are waiting to see specifics, but the president told reporters his action requires that pipelines be built by American workers.

(9) EXPEDITING PERMITS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE.Again, we don’t have specifics yet. But this action seems aimed at making high-priority infrastructure get through permitting procedures more quickly.

(10) SPEEDING UP ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW/REGULATION.The White House has not yet posted the language of this action, which the White House says is aimed at expediting the environmental review process for some projects.

But What The Blower Wants To Know Is, When Will Trump Get Started On That Wall?

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