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Did you ever wonder where Kneepad Liberals at Your Local TV Stations Get Their Liberal Media Conspiracy Updates? 

VIDEO ABC Gushes Over Kimmel’s ‘Big Stand for Gun Control’


VIDEO Kimmel: GOP Should Pray ‘God to Forgive Them,’ Helped Cause Shooting

VIDEO Williams: Why Weren’t Sandy Hook Murders ‘Sad Enough’ for GOP?

WashPost’s Wemple Lectures: Never, Ever Say Trump Gave a Nice Speech!

VIDEO With No Sign of Motive, ABC/CBS Urge Trump to Call Vegas Terrorism

VIDEO Ex-Employees Slam Planned Parenthood as an Abortion ‘Sales Team’

VIDEO Nets Whine ‘Little Will Change’ With Gun Control Under Trump

VIDEO Facts Be Damned: Journalists Lobby for Gun Control After Shooting

VIDEO Sanders Dodges Tapper’s Question: Should Menendez Resign If Convicted?

More Celeb Hate: GOP and ‘Terrorist’ NRA Have ‘Blood’ on Their ‘Hands’

VIDEO NBC Laments Trump Not Talking Gun Control

VIDEO Las Vegas Survivor Says Shooting Made Him a ‘Believer in God’

VIDEO Your Point Is? CNN’s Zeleny: Vegas Victims ‘Likely Trump Supporters’

‘Massacre of Country Music Fans’ is ‘Blood Sacrifice’ to Constitution

CBS Legal Counsel FIRED for Unsympathetic Posting on Vegas (Updated)

VIDEO SNL’s Michael Che Calls Trump ‘B*tch,’ ‘Cheap Cracker’

Leftist Mayor of San Juan Is New ‘Darling’ of Liberal Media

And Here Are Today’s Trio Of Trump-Approved Illustrations

And Those Liberal Lies Will Just Keep On Coming

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