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Special “Fools for Schools” E-dition



This Year’s Featured Local Suburban Tax Hike Scam 

image004The Failed Cincinnati Public Schools and Cincinnati Preschool Promise are trying to scam voters into giving them $48 million a year to provide more, better preschool in the city and to bolster CPS’ K-12 efforts.

It’s supposedly a five-year levy, but you know it will go on forever. Fifteen million dollars each year would go toward preschool expansion, blah blah, blah, and $33 million would go to k-12 education, yada, yada, yada.

It will cost property owners in the school district an extra $278 a year for each $100,000 of home value.

That’s a lot of money, and over-taxed property owners are already are already paying out the wazoo. If only there were an effective anti-tax organization around, they might even be able to mount an effective anti-tax campaign. image006

image007The Blower asked the friendly folks at Ramshackle Realtors how many of those $100,000 houses he could find for us in the Northwest Local School District. “You’ve got to be kidding!” they said. The Blower couldn’t find any of those $100,000 houses on the Hamilton County Auditor’s Web Site, either.

And did you ever notice how whenever Tax-and-Spenders want to steal more of your money, they do two things. First, they flim-flam you by telling how much the tax hike would be on a mythical “$100,000 house,” and then they conveniently forget to remind you that YOUR increase (if you would bother to figure out how much that was) would be on top of what YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING EACH YEAR. And they never tell you to compute the NUMBER OF YEARS.

So yesterday The Blower also explained how Voters always need to find out how much Humongous Tax Hike Scams are really costing them, and if any part of that Northwest Local School District is in Hamilton County, property owners can check out the Auditor’s Web Site Here

Go to the Auditor’s Web Site Here (http://www.hamiltoncountyauditor.org/)

Click on the “Property Search” box on the left near the top

image008 Click on “Owner” or “Street Address” to find your property

image009 Click on “Levy Info” and you’ll see how much This Tax Increase will cost you EACH YEAR. 

Then go to your Summary Page and Click on “Taxes Paid” to see the amount of School Taxes YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING, SUCKERS!