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image006image003TODAY IS
AND THERE IS SO MUCH WE NEED TO DOThe Campus Left Tries To Devour Thanksgiving

image007image017IMPROVING RACIAL HARMONY FOR THANKSGIVING: The Blower remembers 2014,  for the Liberal Agenda after Obama went on prime time National TV, called for peaceful protests and “police restraint” so lawless black hooligans could take pictures on their Obamaphones of the official opening the traditional Black Friday holiday looting season a few days early in Ferguson, Missouri.

The News Media’s “Brown Monday Riots” had been continuously orchestrated for months by Obama Supporters in the Press. Police in Ferguson, thoroughly intimidated by Obama’s Attorney General, the FBI, and image009the Department of Justice, permitted chaos and mayhem to ensue, including robbery, looting, burning the city, gunfire, and even shooting police officers, as Obama’s Race-Baiter-in-Chief Al Sharpton and Attorney General Eric Holder promised looters amnesty and a thorough civil rights investigation.

It was what leftism truly looks like during the Age of Obama: Buildings burned as Obama voters took their children to loot local liquor stores, while Liberals on TV continued to call white people racists. It comes as no surprise that the press has not stated the obvious:  the crowds were just image010awaiting an opportunity to destroy and loot (emphasis on loot) and it had absolutely nothing to do with the excuse (to gather). Interesting that the looting photos are what’s being published – but not a word is being said (perhaps we’re actually trusted to draw out own conclusions from the obvious). 

Testy Troublemaker Tino Delgato says protesters in Ferguson burned cars and buildings in their community. What are the chances any of those businesses burned down will make any attempt to rebuild?

Ironically, although Officer Wilson image011wasn’t indicted, Liberalism’s Failure in Ferguson was a further indictment of the devolution of Obama’s Divided America and we could expect nothing else for the Days of Dishonesty and Division for America remaining during the Dark Ages of Obama’s Second Term, unless the First Black President in History was impeached.

The Blower remembers when the Hamilton County Prosecutor “JayWalking Joe” Deters’ Office mistakenly released a few grand jurors names and everybody wondered when The Fishwrap would publish another front-page story about all those poor black yoofs being arrested in our Caucasian Suburban Communities, as the Whistleblower Newswire changed the countdown calendar on the lower right hand corner of its web page from the number of days until Convicted Black Juvie Judge Traci Hunter’s next motion would be denied to the next the number of Black Looting Days remaining until Kwanzaa, now only four weeks, two days, eighteen hours, seven minutes, and thirty three seconds from now.

image017MEANWHILE AT CITY HALL, that year our Diminutive D-RAT Mayor John Cranley and his nine Meleagris gallopavos on Cincinnati City Clown-cil would be available for media interviews 24/7 over the holidays to offer their most recent positions on the number of Murdering Muslim Terrorists Disguised As Syrian Refugees to be allowed to settle in Cincinnati. .

image012image017THANKSGIVING DAY MEMORIES AT THE FISHWRAP,  Metro Mole says Fired Fishwrappers are already standing in line at the FreeStore waiting for their free holiday turkeys, while those that still have jobs are celebrating the City’s 100% Gay Rating, saying it’s understandable you haven’t seen much about those embarrassing Gruber tapes in The Fishwrap, what with Editor Wedgie Washburn being so busy these days getting rid of all those good reporters before Christmas and ginning up the Liberal outrage over the latest gay marriage decision with Sodomy Rites Support Stories like Mann’s and P&G’s, along with Cincinnati Clown-cil Gay Chris Squealback’s whining about naming Third Street for Carl Lindner because of all that free stuff he gave the City, he also donated some chump change to Phil Burr-ass’ Citizens for Community Values, since you must always remember what The Fishwrap says, Folks: It’s not Baseball, Mom, or Apple Pie that have always made our area great, it’s our “Diversity.”

image017THAT THANKSGIVING, our Feckless Fishwrappers were still covering up for the way they forgot to report anything about Jessica Miranda’s multiple state investigations (2011-45-1491, 2012-28-197, 2014-28-2039) regarding felony violations over the past 5 years that might have affected that Disingenuous D-RAT’s current 56 vote margin of victory for the 28th District Ohio House seat.  

image014image017TRYPTOPHAN TESTER TINO DELGATO says this Thanksgiving, Ohio State football fans will be looking forward to a huge win in this weekend’s big game with Michigan so the 10-1 Buckeyes can keep their tenth-ranked hopes alive for a national championship, or at the very least, a Big Ten championship, and a victory in the crappy Cotton Bowl, unlike when the mighty Bucks got blown out by Clemson in the Orange Bowl four years ago.

image017IN ANDERSON: Survivors of the Anderson High School Class of 1956 will be thankful they’ve made it this long and looking forward to seeing who shows up at the next meeting of the Survivors while Community Changers are still celebrating the fact the Anderson’s Beloved Redskins mascot was killed off earlier this year.

Also in Anderson, everybody’s still wondering if that missing memento was ever returned after Joe and Lorraine Mayernik allowed their house to be used for a soiree  to celebrate the Forrest Gump School District’s humongous $103 million Tax Hike Scam (that will really cost $170 million on top of the thousands of dollars in school taxes property owners are already paying).

FINALLY, word is, there might also be a chance we would be accepting “Turkey of the Year” nominations for some of those Anderson Apocalypse players you’ve been been hearing about lately in The Blower.  image003

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