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“Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest” E-dition


FRIDAY, JULY 09, 2021


It Wasn’t Just Another Redskins Ambush
           This week, everybody who was still talking about President Donald Trump’s warning against the Radical Left’s War On America during his historic speech at the Save America Rally in Sarasota last weekend that reminded us of the cold-blooded murder of our Beloved Anderson Redskin Mascot), e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

The winner is aggravated Andersonian Corbly Clough, who says the entire Redskins Mascot controversy was just a Dishonest Diversion for the Forest Hills Schools District to distract voters’ attention from the unmitigated mess they’d created to piss away even more over-taxed payers’ money down a rat hole.

Corbly wins a selection of Orange and Black Spirit Wear from the Thievin’ Injun Resale Shop, located in that ramshackle building behind Andy Pappas’ Cleaner Concepts on Beechmont Avenue; Lifetime membership in Anderson High School Redskins: Educate and Celebrate: Not Eradicate], and season tickets for virtual reserved seats on the 50-yard line for all Anderson Foreskins Football Games, beginning currently scheduled against the Simon Kenton Pioneers. That school’s team name had been changed under great pressure from the politically correct citizens of Independence, Kentucky, from the Scalpin’ Savages. His winning limerick is: 

If Redskins be your high school’s mascot
Get set for a real-time-wasting plot.
“Changers” will surely object
If you’re not politically correct
Aggravating you is all that they’ve got.

Tomas de Torquemada Says

If Redskins be your high school’s mascot,
Your sports teams be saddled with a really big blot.

“That’s white privilege and quite racist,”
Says your av’rage thought police fascist.

You know, like Nathan Phillips, the deadbeat,
An “elder” from the tribe on Grievance Street.

He bangs his drum ’til the cows come home
But he has neither toothbrush nor comb.

“Redskins” describes a color of skin;
But those who object are red within.

Leftists claim the word is insulting,
With protests and grumbling resulting.

All they can shout is “climate!” “gender!” “race!”
But between their ears, there’s lots of dead space.

Do they think that “Redskins” has no class?
Who gives an indigenous rat’s ass!?

Finally, Perturbed in Park Hills says:
If Redskins be your high school’s mascot,
Your tradition down will be shot

By the virtue-signalers brigade
Who drinks the “That’s offensive” Kool-Aid.

COVID’s “not Chinese,” though from China,
But these clowns love to say “vagina.”

All that “white privilege” must now go…
As D-RATS nominate Sleepy Joe.

“Columbus” makes these creeps take a knee;
They’d replace him with Chef Boyardee!

Jesus was too white for the snowflakes;
Our Bishops genuflect to these snakes.

You can’t reason with lefties possessed:
They’ve nursed too long at the Marxist breast.

How to deal with superior snots
Who appoint themselves callers-of-shots?

Mock them and ridicule, that’s what I say,
And let them choke on their own decay.

Revolutionaries eat their own:
Their fitting symbol is a gravestone.

This Year, He’s Even More Perturbed 

If Redskins be your high school’s mascot,

The leftists will display your mug shot

On their every media mouthpiece;

Their orchestrated “rage” will increase

Until you are successfully shamed

And your own racism you have blamed.

“Mea culpa – it’s just my white rage!”

But don’t think that lets you off the stage.

Nathan Phillips is still offended:

Your heritage is not amended.

Europeans bad; Indians good!

Bang that drum ’til whitey leaves the ‘hood!

But what if Nathan’s the new mascot?

Would that shut up ev’ry woke crackpot?

“We bow down to your rap sheet hero!

Though his virtue’s worth next to zero,

He’s sure to inspire all our jocks:

We’ll put his picture on all their socks!”

How damned inoffensive can you get?

Will this now cancel all our white debt?


image017WARNING: FHSD STUDENTS MAY NOT BE PERMITTED TO READ THIS LIMERICKimage017The first line of next week’s MLB All-Star limerick is:
“Yes, We Still Plan To Boycott The Game”



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