Special “Sunday Sermon” E-dition

image007image006TODAY IS SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 2024


This Sunday in America… at the Church of The Compassionate Conservative, Beloved Whistleblower Publisher, the Right-Wing Reverend Charles Foster Kane was asking God’s blessings on all of the candidates taking part during our 2024 Primary Elections, especially the ones in Ohio’s Second Congressional District.

First it would be a good thing if people understood something about Primary Elections.

image005There are two kinds of Primary Elections we’re talking about today: one like when The Trumpster first ran in the 2016 Presidential Election where Obama was thankfully NOT running for reelection and both Republicans and D-RATS would be conducting Primary Elections in every state to choose the Candidate to represent their respective parties in the General Election in November. Those Primary Elections sometimes have more candidates, at least during the early stages.

image005Then there’s a Primary Election where the Incumbent officeholder can not only be challenged by a candidate from the opposing political party in the November Election, but will first be confronted by members of his own party during the Primary Election, and those battles can be quite bloody indeed.

image005Take twelve years ago, for example, when Ohio Second District Congresswoman “Mean Jean” Schmidt lost her seat to “Bronze Star” Brad Wenstrup in the 2012 Republican Primary Election.


image005Four years later in 2016, “Bronze Star” Brad had to face an opponent in his own Republican Primary Election on March 15, after voting for that Obama-Ryan Omnibus Budget. Not only that, the Clermont County Clermont Republican Party scheduled a vote to “unendorsed” Congressman Wenstrup just before the primary election.   image007

image005In an effort to stop the unheard-of “Un-endorsement Process,” “Bronze Star” dispatched his troops to the Clermont County GOP’s regularly scheduled meeting to show a recorded video to the Central Committee in hopes of justifying his “Vote That Will Live In Infamy.”

image005But at the meeting, that much-anticipated presentation was never shown. Apparently “technical difficulties” supposedly prohibited it from being played, and when that was announced, many of the members of the audience burst out in applause.  

image005Speaking of the possibility of upcoming Ohio Second Congressional District debates, The Blower remembers the time “Mean Jean” Schmidt blew off her 2012 Primary Debate on Reagan’s Birthday in Newtown, and the whole thing wound up being broadcast as the pilot episode of Political Science Theatre 2012.

God Bless America. America Certainly Need Your Help These Days, but especially in Clermont County.image006image007