Special “Political Backstabbers Day Eve” E-dition

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You!

The big day is almost here, and all of you Backstabbers will finally get some of the recognition you truly deserve. Hurley the Historian says tomorrow will be the historic date (March 15, 44 BCE) when Roman Emperor Julius Caesar ignored his soothsayer’s words of warning and went to work that day anyway, whereupon Brutus and the rest of the RINOs in the Senate stabbed him in the back, and the front, and just about every other place on his body. All this week nominations have been flooding in for The Blower’s “2023 Backstabber of the Year Award.” Obama and Joke Biden* don’t need special awards. Anybody who’s not a Dumbed-Down, Self-Absorbed, Media-Influenced, Celebrity-Obsessed, Politically-Correct, Uninformed, Short-Attention-Span, Free-Stuff Grabbing, Low-Information Obama Supporters Who Put The Second Worst President in History In The White House—Twice, then gave Obama a Third Term With A Real Lack Of Election Integrity For Illegitimate Resident Joke Biden*, and get all of their information from our Licentious Leftists in the Press, like the ones on Channels 5, 9, 12, 19, and Spectrum, as well as our Feckless Fishwrappers, realizes Obama’s been stabbing America in the back for years.

In Congress, it was too hard to choose just one backstabber, because Conservatives watching the “total wussification” of GOP House RINOs and Senate Surrender Monkey Mitch McConnell, couldn’t decide who was worse.

Ohio TEA Party Patriots totally favor giving Ohio’s Delusional ObamaCare-Loving Ex-Governor John Kasich (Who Will Never Be President) and Ex-U.S. Senator Rob (“Inflicting ‘Mean Jean’ Schmidt On Ohio’s Second District”) Portman the honor.

Former Cincinnati City Clowncil-man Mayor David Mann will be pleased as punch to again be Grand Marshal at the Backstabbers Day Parade on March 15, where he’ll lead the rest of the Streetcar Six along the route of the Trolley Folly, and Cincinnati Clown-cilgay Chris Squealback says the All Gay St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee has even invited Degenerate D-RATS on City Clowncil to prance and dance in their parade on March 17 when the Homosexual Hibernians march this year.

Voters in Ohio’s First Congressional District really stabbed themselves in the back when they elected

All over Hamilton County, Conservatives wanted to nominate RINO Party Boss Alex T., Mall Cop GOP for backstabbing Real Republicans in Hamilton County for even longer than Obama’s been backstabbing America.

Real Republicans all over Ohio also got to vote for Alex T. this year, ever since he quit his job at the Hamilton County RINO Party to mismanage the Ohio RINOs in Columbus.

Locally, Real Republicans had to settle for voting for ex-Judge Russell Mock as the new Hamilton County Party Boss who got the job after insiders on the Hamilton County GOP Central Committee stabbed “Taxkiller Tom” Brinkman in the back. Who says Republicans don’t like Rigged Elections?

Ditzy D-RAT Juvie Judge Traci Hunter nominated Hamilton County Prosecutor (now an Ohio State Supreme Court Judge) “JayWalking Joe” Deters for that time he got get his grand jury to indict her on all of those charges while she was still frivolously appealing her six-month sentence from formerly alive Judge Nadel on her previous conviction.

Meanwhile, “The Old Jaywalker” got some Leftist Protest after a motley crew of students, alumni, and faculty at Xavier University whined about a recent decision to appoint “Jaywalker” as a “Justice in Residence” (whatever in hell that is) on the university’s campus for that time The Blower reported he’d characterized a gang of poor misunderstood yoofs as “SCUM.”

In Anderson, Treasured Township Trustee Emeritus Andrew S. Pappas has a group he’d like to nominate for “Backstabbers of the Year” as over-taxed payers in the Forrest Gump School District are now faced with a hideous “Tax Levy” on May 2 that had been unanimously approved by all four of the supposedly Conservative School Board Members who’d caved into their Leftist in Residence that sometimes chooses to dishonor the American flag during the Pledge of Allegiance

In Northern Kentucky Kentucky last night Mainstrasse bars remember when Backstabbers drank free, and for those on the “A” List, it was Miss Vicki’s Ides of March Party. And don’t forget, all of you Bluegrass Backstabbers, this year, our Doofus D-RAT Governor forbids Backstabber Parties, so you won’t have to remember it’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Blades).

Eric “Call Me Crazy,” Big-Mouth Gubernatorial Candidate, Most- Sanctioned Ambulance Chaser, No Count of a Radio Host, Shameless Self-Promoter, Willie Wannabe, Why Won’t They Let Me Practice Law Again, Who Likes Bulldogs and Failed Roadhouse Operator Deters nominated a lot of people for The Blower’s Backstabber of the Year Award, including Our Good Friend Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney E Rob Sanders, Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane, Former American Bar Association President William T. Robinson III, the entire Bluegrass Bar Association, and Lovely Lisa Wells, who was at one time getting paid by WLW Hate Radio for doing the program “Crazy Eric” was doing for free.

Finally, at yesterday’s bribe lunch with an elected official where Charles Foster Kane always sits with his back against the wall, our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher told the “briber” he remembers every time somebody has ever tried to stab him in the back. “You’ve read The Blower,” Kane explained, “so you know what kind of records we must keep.”

Remember: We never print all the bad stuff we know and certain people ought to be damn glad we don’t, especially Backstabbing Bastards.

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