Special “Republican Replay” E-dition


Trump’s 531st Day In Office

Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane says things have really changed at the Sharonville Convention Center since the same hot day in July before the 2016 Elections. Babes For Trump Watchers were already inside and Trump Supporters with iPads and Cell Phones were watching the Countdown Clock at the lower-right-hand-corner of the Whistleblower Newswire web page clicking off the hours, minutes, and seconds until the beginning of that night’s yuge Donald Trump Rally.

Also appearing at that event was Newt Gingrich, as Trump continued to tease his potential vice-presidential running mates before the Republican Convention that would beginning in then-only 12 more days (just like on his Celebrity Apprentice Program), getting even more free media exposure by fueling speculation that the former House Speaker could be at the top of “short list” of Trump’s vice presidential picks. Pundits, of course, would be watching to see how Trump and Gingrich performed together.

Registered DemocRATS in the News Media would be spending their time ambushing Trump supporters until show time, trying to avoid Eric “Call Me Crazy” Deters’ efforts to become relevant since he’d insinuated himself into the Trump campaign in Northern Kentucky. Hillary Supporting Fact-checking Feckless Fishwrappers would be there too, trying to do all the damage they could, probably noting that Delusional Ohio Governor John Kasich had been banned from that night’s event.

Anti-Trump Crybabies from Cincinnati City Hall would probably be there too, getting booed by all those “USA USA” Chanting Trump Supporters in the overflow crowd.

Do you think Trump’s July 2016 Rally in Sharonville would be on TV? If it hadn’t been, you could’ve always watched it on streaming video here, on your iPhone or computer.

This was the Official “Trump Rally” Streaming Live Web Page. Any other web page claiming to be the Official “Trump Rally” Streaming Live Web Page was surely a fake.