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More Muck For Your Buck

image005 - CopyIn yesterday’s Muckraker Update, Mr. Muck alerted apathetic Andersonians how the Forest Hills School District “Renovate To New” plan is not going to live up to all those promises.

Here Are Some Of Our Rapid Responses:

image014You can’t blame anything but the plan and the people that conceived and pushed it. It was billed as a “have to do something” (Frooman quote) school board action.  Unrealistic.  Unworkable. Uneconomical.  Since there were plenty of people pointing out the obvious flaws, it was just selfish and foolish use of privileged public positions.

image014Remember “Smiling Dallas” Jackson trashing people that openly opposed the plan? Couldn’t hide his stripes forever.  (Could somebody please find that picture of him in the colored wig with the pro-levy sign.) They may blame him. image006 - Copy

image014But four of those board members were behind it. Dallas was just their tool (as well as actually being one in his own right).image007 - Copy

image014Bissinger can stay. She voted against it. Heis has to go. Brain dead.  Seriously brain dead.

image014Hemmelgarn should have resigned already.  How is an Oak Hills High School athletic director a Forest Hills school board member?  Because he took the job after he was elected.  Smith and Frooman?  Hide them under a rock on one of their destruction sites until their terms are up.  Please.

image014Remember Anderson Trustee Josh Gerth openly promoting the levy?  Is he going to run on that for reelection next year?  By keeping quiet about the bond levy, the other township trustees implicitly helped it pass.  “In Russ We Trust” Jackson paid the price.  Dee Stone was against it.  Although she would not admit that, plenty of people knew at trustee election time.  Actually, not openly coming out against it makes her just as guilty as the others of wasting tax dollars and district credibility.  Pappas.  Voters aren’t going to let him do this kind of stuff on the county level. image011

image014Don’t forget, these guys also blocked a proposal that would have built a new Anderson for no additional taxpayer money.  Would have prevented the waste of taxpayer dollars that is taking place at that site. Turned their backs on a solid opportunity for victory to assure a defeat.

image014Who the hell votes for these people to lead the community anyway?  Without them, this school levy wouldn’t even have been on the ballot.

image014That’s another issue we agree on.  My little one starts K on Wednesday at Sherwood.  They had all summer to work on it and school started today and it is a total disaster.  Whoever the construction project manager is, they should be fired. Whoever the construction company is, they should have never been hired. Contracts should have completion clauses in them with huge fines if it isn’t done by the time school starts. Who the hell votes for these school levies all the time anyway? I thought we had Republicans around here.

image014Andersonians are really starting to get annoyed about all of this. We haven’t seen Andersonians this angry since WCPO-TV’s Chopper 9 Helicopter Reporter Dan Carroll sent us this picture after a Turpin sophomore named Muhammed spray painted a giant penis on the Anderson football field before the Anderson-Turpin game.image009 - Copyimage003image007