Official “DemocRAT Talking Points Memo” E-dition


THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2016

Did you ever wonder where Kneepad Liberals at Your Local TV Stations Get Their Liberal Bias National News Stories?

image004They’re most likely reading their “Official DemocRAT Talking Points Memo” with slanted stories like these from the PoliticusUSA Newsletter:

image008 - Copyimage007JOHN KASICH RETURNS TO OHIO JUST IN TIME TO GET SUED BY PLANNED PARENTHOOD (Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against Ohio officials on Wednesday over a plan by the state to restrict the U.S. healthcare agency’s access to state and federal funds, saying it was being singled out for providing abortion services.)

image008 - CopyDONALD TRUMP’S CANDIDACY IS A SYMPTOM OF A MUCH LARGER DISEASE (The Trump campaign is a manifestation of an illness that has been infecting American politics for generations.)

image008 - CopyTRUMP CLAIMS MUSLIMS ARE TELLING HIM THEY WANT TO BE BANNED FROM THE US (During an interview on Fox News, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump claimed that Muslims are telling him that they want to be banned from the United States.)

image008 - CopyEDITORIAL CARTOON – MEGAPHONE (Amplification by an uncritical media.)image006

image008 - CopyNEXT STOP, THE TWILIGHT ZONE: ROMNEY SAYS TRUMP DISQUALIFIED FOR NOT RELEASING TAX RETURNS (Mitt Romney of all people is claiming that Donald Trump has disqualified himself from the presidency by refusing to release his tax returns.)

image008 - CopyELIZABETH WARREN IS CREATING A BRILLIANT ROAD MAP TO BEATING TRUMP FOR ALL DEMS TO SEE (Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) took to Twitter to stand up to Donald Trump today, but there is more to Warren’s tweets than challenging Trump. Sources suggest that Warren’s true motive is to lay out a road map for every Democrat showing the party how to beat Trump in November.)

image008 - CopyBERNIE SANDERS COINS A NEW TWO WORD ATTACK THAT SPELLS DOOM FOR DONALD TRUMP (In an interview with Andrea Mitchell, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders used two words when talking about Trump that will defeat him in November.)

image008 - CopyRACHEL MADDOW DROPS A TRUTH BOMB BY CRUSHING THE MYTH OF GOP RESISTANCE TO TRUMP RACISM (Rachel Maddow hit Republicans with a ton of reality bricks by destroying the myth that the GOP is resisting the racism of Donald Trump and his supporters.)

image008 - CopyPAT ROBERTSON LOSES IT OVER INVENTED 19TH CENTURY CATEGORY OF ‘HOMOSEXUALS’ (Robertson offers old, outdated beliefs even he doesn’t understand or really care about except as a cloak to sanctify his bigotry)

image008 - CopyDON’T BUY THE NEW POLL SHOWING TRUMP AND CLINTON TIED IN THREE BATTLEGROUND STATES (A new Quinnipiac University poll of three swing states shows Donald Trump tied or ahead of Hillary Clinton. Here’s why we should ignore it.)

image008 - CopyHILLARY CLINTON CRUSHES TRUMP FOR CALLING FOR AN END TO THE MINIMUM WAGE (Hillary Clinton put a whooping on Donald Trump after Trump suggested that there should be no minimum wage.)

image008 - CopyBERNIE SANDERS GETS A SMALL STATE WIN IN WEST VIRGINIA BUT CAN’T STOP HILLARY CLINTON (Bernie Sanders picked up a win in the West Virginia primary, but his victory does nothing to change the likely outcome of Hillary Clinton being the Democratic nominee.)

image008 - CopyWITH HIS RATINGS IN THE DUMPSTER, A BITTER RUSH LIMBAUGH ATTACKS JON STEWART (After Jon Stewart got a massive amount of media coverage for sharing his thoughts on the 2016 presidential campaign, Rush Limbaugh could not hide his bitterness.)

image008 - CopyNEEDY PAUL RYAN IS PRACTICALLY BEGGING FOR ATTENTION AHEAD OF MEETING WITH TRUMP (Ahead of his meeting with Donald Trump, needy Paul Ryan is begging America for attention.)

image008 - CopyREPUBLICANS TURN THE SENATE INTO A JOKE BY INVESTIGATING FACEBOOK WHILE BLOCKING SCOTUS NOMINEE (Senate Republicans are holding hearings on unsubstantiated allegations that Facebook keeps conservatives out of the Trending Topics section while refusing to their jobs and vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.)

image008 - CopyAMERICAN IDIOTS: POLL PROVES TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE THE STUPIDEST PEOPLE IN THE US (A new poll revealed that depth of bigoted stupidity of Republican voters who are supporting Donald Trump.)

image008 - CopyN.C. GOVERNOR SUES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR DEFENDING AND UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION (What North Carolina is doing is “mean-spirited and inconsistent with the Constitution and decades-old federal laws because of religion.)

image008 - CopyREINCE PRIEBUS CLAIMS TRUMP IS NOT REWRITING GOP PLATFORM (Priebus says Trump doesn’t want to change the GOP platform but figuring out what Trump’s platform is might be the bigger trick)

image010And Media Research Center Reports (Tracking Liberal Media Bias Since 1996) Reports

image008 - Copy

image009NEWSWEEK: ‘HAS THERE BEEN ANY PRESIDENT COOLER THAN OBAMA?’  (Journalistic love for Barack Obama certainly hasn’t gone away. Newsweek’s Twitter page on Tuesday hyped, “Has there been any president cooler than Obama?” The magazine, which barely publishes these days, features contribution from a website called Quora. That article wondered, “OBAMA, THE FIRST POP CULTURE PRESIDENT?”)

image008 - CopyNETWORKS: ANOTHER HILLARY LOSS IS JUST A ‘BUMP’ TO ‘PROLONG’ DEM RACE (According to the three network morning shows on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton’s latest primary loss is a just a “bump” in the road that will simply “prolong” the Democratic race. Bernie Sanders has now defeated Clinton in 19 states while the front-runner has only prevailed in 23. Yet, on the Today show, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie insisted, “Bernie Sanders says he’s in it to win it after defeating Hillary Clinton by double digits in West Virginia’s Democratic primary. But that victory did little to dent Clinton’s nearly insurmountable lead in the delegate count.”)

image008 - CopyNETWORKS IGNORE FBI DIRECTOR REPUDIATING CLINTON FOR DOWNPLAYING EMAIL INVESTIGATION (On Wednesday, Fox News, Politico and The New York Times all had reports from the FBI director on the status of Clinton’s email investigation. The story should’ve been covered on the evening news broadcasts, but because it was unfavorable to Clinton, it was ignored. FBI director James Comey denied Clinton’s assertion that her email investigation was simply a “security review” and not a full-fledged serious “investigation.” Comey told reporters, “It’s in our name. I’m not familiar with the term ‘security inquiry.’”)

image008 - CopyBERNIE SANDERS TELLS OFF ANDREA MITCHELL: ‘DO NOT MOAN TO ME ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON’S PROBLEMS’ (In a contentious interview with Bernie Sanders during her 12 p.m. ET hour MSNBC show on Wednesday, host Andrea Mitchell hammered the Democratic candidate for continuing to challenge frontrunner Hillary Clinton: “But isn’t the bottom line…that she is now fighting a war on two fronts? She’s getting beaten up by Donald Trump on a daily basis….he has been embracing you, he is building you up. He likes the fact that you’re taking her down.”

image008 - CopyGREGORY: ‘BERNIE SANDERS IS EXPOSING THE WEAKNESS OF HILLARY CLINTON’ (On Wednesday’s New Day, David Gregory actually pointed out the obvious about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in the wake of her loss in West Virginia on Tuesday: “Bernie Sanders is exposing the weakness of Hillary Clinton as a candidate; as a front-runner within her own party. That’s been true from the beginning.” By contrast, the CNN newscast’s Big Three competitors the same morning were hyping Sanders’s win as merely a “bump” on Clinton’s “path to the general election,” as Norah O’Donnell put it on CBS This Morning.)

image008 - CopyWILMORE MOCKS CONSERVATIVE SPEECH SUPPRESSION BY FACEBOOK  (“Suppression of conservative speech, yeah,” sung a joyful voice leading into Larry Wilmore’s coverage of the suppression of speech by Facebook on Wednesday’s Nightly Show. Wilmore was quick to mock the offence saying, “That’s awful. I mean, I thought the only thing Facebook suppressed was any sense of self-control.” Wilmore barely took the issue seriously and ridiculed the Senate inquiry before twisting it to bash them for the crisis in Flint.)

image008 - CopyIRONY: NETS SHOCKED BY ACCUSATIONS OF LIBERAL BIAS…AT FACEBOOK (On Tuesday, all three network morning shows expressed shock and dismay at allegations that Facebook censored conservative political news from its supposed trending news feed. At the top of NBC’s Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie declared: “Censored by Facebook? The popular social network being accused of routinely suppressing conservative stories from its trending feed. The claim coming from former workers.”)

image008 - CopyNETWORKS CENSOR LATEST HILLARY E-MAIL BOMBSHELL, INSTEAD HYPE ANTI-WRINKLE GEL (All three networks on Tuesday morning censored the bombshell news that all the e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s top IT staffer, the man who set up her private server, are missing. This is despite a combined eight hours of air time on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today and CBS This Morning. Instead of covering this important development, these same programs devoted eight minutes and 38 seconds to a new anti-aging cream. Not exactly the most pressing story.)

image008 - CopyNBC: HILLARY ‘NOT TAKING THE BAIT’ AFTER TRUMP’S ‘DEEPLY PERSONAL ATTACKS’ (At the top of NBC’s Today on Tuesday, co-host Savannah Guthrie proclaimed that Hillary Clinton was “not taking the bait” after Donald Trump “once again brings up her husband’s past infidelities.” In the report that followed, correspondent Andrea Mitchell spun hard for the Democratic candidate: “Donald Trump surprising many observers in both political parties by launching deeply personal attacks on both Hillary and Bill Clinton. The opening round of what is likely to be a vicious campaign.”)

image008 - CopyMSNBC’S MIKA: HILLARY SHOULD ‘BE HERSELF;’ IGNORE MEDIA, STAFFERS (MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski gushed over Hillary Clinton on Tuesday’s Morning Joe, and lamented how her campaign staff and the press are distracting her from showing her true self: “My gut is Hillary Clinton needs to be Hillary Clinton — the one that you meet one on one….She’s going to have to just be herself — because herself has always been the best thing for her.” Brzezinski later contended that “if she gets everybody out of her own way and just, kind of, speaks from the heart, I bet you it would be incredibly moving.”)

image008 - CopyCHARLIE ROSE AND PRESIDENT’S SPEECHWRITERS LAUGH ABOUT OBAMACARE LIE (On Monday’s edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose show the host invited on former Obama speechwriters David Litt, Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett to wax fondly about Obama’s “great” communication skills when it came to delivering both serious speeches and funny lines. When Lovett, now a writer in Hollywood, told Rose he was most proud of the “serious speeches” on the economy and health care, Favreau jokingly jabbed that Lovett was responsible for the now infamous lie about keeping your health insurance plan. Rose and the entire panel cracked up at the line.)

image008 - CopyCHARLOTTE PAPER ENCOURAGES HOLLYWOOD TO BOYCOTT THEIR CITY OVER ‘DISTURBING’ BATHROOM LAW (In a column that showcases the leftist belief that the ends justify the means, the Charlotte Observer and its parent company McClatchy have expressed nothing short of support for the economic boycotts of North Carolina in light of Republicans remaining defiant after Governor Pat McCrory signed a bathroom bill to ensure that people use the bathroom according to the gender they were born with.)

image008 - CopyKATIE COURIC GUSHES: ‘VERY PROGRESSIVE’ FOR ‘CATHOLIC CHURCH TO WANT TO UNDERSTAND SCIENCE!’ (On Tuesday night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert, former network anchor Katie Couric was a guest and she came on to promote her anti-NRA documentary, Under the Gun. But before that, Couric said something truly cringeworthy while she was heaping on praise for the “truly exceptional” Pope Francis.)

image008 - CopySNEERING JON STEWART MOCKS: ‘WHEN WAS AMERICA GREAT?’ (A sneering Jon Stewart on Monday wondered, “When was America great?” The former Daily Show host appeared with David Axelrod at the University of Chicago and mocked conservatives. Connecting Donald Trump to the right, the comedian lectured, “He makes sense if you view it through the prism of talk radio…. Republicans, conservatives love America. They just hate, like, 50 percent of the people living in it.”)image003

And Here Are A Few Left-Wing Cartoons We Just Receivedimage011image012 image013

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

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