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Official “Drinking The Mask-er Aid” E-dition

SUNDAY, 0CTOBER 11, 2020
Trump’s 1360th Day In Office

October 11, 2020        Vol. VII

Dear Fellow Revolutionaries,

This will be my last epistle of solidarity to you before our Supreme Pastor Jim returns, and so I would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the usefulness of fear.


As you know, my Marxist brothers and sisters, we are at war with the bourgeois slave-master capitalists and their privileged racist lackeys in America.  We lost our first battle in this war, a battle that took place during the ‘60s and ‘70s, because we attacked the enemy where he was strongest: his police force protectors and his unjust law system, the courts.


But we have become much wiser, more subtle and more deadly while hibernating in Comrade Soros’ vaults.  Thanks to our allies in places high and low, the war has moved to a theater in which the enemy is utterly unprepared for our new attack: the promotion of widespread and deadly disease.


You yourselves have no doubt witnessed what our new attack has accomplished, in a breathtakingly short time.  We have exposed the enemy’s soft underbelly of self-interest, false materialistic security, worldly capitalist ambition, the ease and comfort of suburbia, the mindless routines of the soccer mom, the vanity of keeping up with the Jones’ latest kitchen updates, latest model automobiles and boats, time share vacations in exotic places, location, location, location – need I go on?


What is the nature of our new attack?  We have created a tool by which the enemy attacks himself: a pandemic!  Psychological warfare at its finest!


Now, you and I know that there really is no pandemic – merely a mild form of the flu – but Comrade Soros and his well-placed agents have succeeded in selling this flu as being so deadly and universal as to require the paralysis and destruction of the very society that we have long targeted but failed to bring down!


We know very well who those agents are: members of Congress, judges, governors, mayors, district attorneys, the WHO, the CDC and the AMA, the media, and departments of public health filled with bureaucrats who are only capable of groupthink, not actual rational thought.  Even some police chiefs, once so proud in their defense of law and order, have become our instruments!


What is the result of our attack?  We, my Comrades, have turned America into a country of cowering germophobes and hypochondriacs, afraid of their own shadows, afraid of their disease-carrier neighbors, afraid of complete strangers, afraid to walk past each other on the sidewalk, afraid to touch anything, afraid to shake hands, afraid to go to work or church or recreation.  We have convinced these smug capitalists that no one high or low is exempt from this dreaded disease (though I must admit that a few of our fellow agents have been caught not following the rules – this will require a tightening of the internal discipline of our movement).


In short, we have turned Americans against each other, and David has felled Goliath once again!  Behold a pitiful nation of potential snitches ready to turn in anyone who fails to wear a mask, fails to socially distance, fails to get a test, fails to get a vaccine, and fails to cast incense before our new microbe gods.  Behold a once-proud nation quivering with fear at the latest report of phony new “cases” and phony death numbers.  What shall we call this tottering society?  A circular firing squad?


It is a well-deserved end to capitalism, my brothers and sisters.  However, let us not get too cocky quite yet, because the battle is far from over, and the enemy still has powerful reactionary resources at his disposal.  Donald Trump and Attorney General Barr, for example.  Mark my words: they are merely the leftovers of rotted, corrupt power, and they are doomed to failure.


We have paralyzed our prey, just like the little shrew, and now we must wait for the right time to consume him.  Our watchword must be patience!


I stand with you at the watchtowers!


Huey P. Newton

Former Minister of Defense, Black Panther Party

Special Assistant to the Supreme Pastor

Healthier Lives Matter

Little St. James Island