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Special “Insensitive Halloween Costumes Warning” E-dition


Trump’s 642nd Day In Office

Costumes Whiney-Ass Liberals Say You’re Not Supposed To Wear

Yesterday in Anderson, Disguised DemocRATS were complaining about Saturday’s Big Anderson Township Halloween Party scheduled at the Anderson Government Center, because an easily offended Hillary Supporter with chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome at Cappel’s Costume Store had reported several Republicans purchased “insensitive costumes.”


image009Those PC Fanatics always warn against using cultural stereotypes and marginalized groups as costumes. Despite those efforts, ISIS soldier and suicide bomber continue to be popular choices, along with sexy geisha, Mexican mariachi, and Indian princess.


image009Township Trustee Andy Pappas says if any of those Anderson Redskins Supporters look like this, Cleaner Concepts will give them a free cleaning, if you know what we mean.

image009Several retailers now offer Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costumes featuring variations of the ensemble worn by the transgender trailblazer for his/her iconic Vanity Fair cover. Disguised DemocRATS say the costume mocks the transgender community and promotes “Transphobia” by reducing Jenner to a stereotype. How much fun would it be to wear your Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume at  your Target restrooms.image006

image009This year, there have also been complaints about some really ugly and scary costumes that might give small children nightmares.image007


And last Week, Ohio’s Second District Congressman/Podiatrist “Bronze Star Brad” Wenstrup was seen trying on costumes at Cappel’s, but nobody’s quite sure which one he’ll be wearing to Saturday’s Big Anderson Township Halloween Party.


The Blower’s Betting He Comes Dressed Like Caitlyn Jenner.image007image008