Another “Those Were The Good Old Days” E-dition

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Trump’s 1,069th Day In Office


Edition #30 (published on December 18, 1990) of the original printed edition of The Whistleblower (not the Newswire) was delivered to Persons of Consequence all over town. It was our “This Publication can now be found in the government and business section of the Hamilton County Public Library” Edition, and our REALLY BIG STORY was “Yes, Virginia, there is corruption at the Courthouse.” Our TOP TEN LIST listed the top ten ways then-Hamilton County Commissioner Steve Chabot could cut the budget. Also on the front page, we saw the latest hard-hitting report from Channel 9’s “I-Team.”   

PAGE TWO featured REAL EDITORIALS  BY PUBLISHER CHARLES FOSTER KANE about the Whistleblower staff’s plans to soak up some tropical sunshine during the next two weeks, anti-Semitism on the Square, and then-Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Joe Deters refusal to be interviewed by Channel 9. REAL FACTS covered how they were singing the Budget Blues at the Hamilton County Courthouse.

PAGE THREE featured CHEAP SHOTS that were taken at WKRC Radio’s Jerry Thomas, Enquirer Radio-TV Editor John Keiswetter, Ben and Shirley Bernstein, Cincinnati Post Political Reporter Sharon Moloney, and Betty Mauer, an unendorsed DemocRAT running for City Council.  Bunky Tadwell was wondering what country should be the world’s policeman in ANOTHER GUEST EDITORIAL.

PAGE FOUR featured the REAL LETTERS FROM REAL SUBSCRIBERS, and during all those years, not a single one of those people has ever called to complain that their letter might not have been real. ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT showed us a Joe Deters Sleaze Card, # 18 in the Sleaze Card Series, and item telling how WLW Radio loudmouth Bill Cunningham was defending the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, along with a couple of shots at our good friend former Enquirer Columnist Frank Weikel, now The Blower’s Sunshine State Bureau Chief.

 PAGE FIVE featured Bluegrass Holler by Ken Camboo, talking about Newport city manager Jim Parson’s making nude bars on Monmouth Street off limits to cops, Governor Wallace Wilkerson’s dedication of the new AA Highway from Alexandria to Ashland, Covington Mayor’s Denny Bowman’s media tour of abandoned properties, wrangling over money for a new bridge. J.R. HATFIELD offered us his Frankfort Follies, the continuing saga of the 1991 Kentucky gubernatorial race and the candidates who make it worth watching. Jeff Ruby also bought an ad to promote the upcoming Pete Rose Welcome Home Party in January, following his five-month vacation in the slammer.

And PAGE SIX included a RESTAURANT REVIEW BY Sara Lee Pearce, SOMETHING SPECIAL by Roger Chatterly, an ad Kalling ALL Kleagles for a Rally on the Square, an item tell you 21 WAYS TO BE OFFENSIVE AT A CHRISTMAS PARTY. Alan Falfa was our Seediest Kid of All.

It was really a lot of fun publishing The Whistleblower way back in 1990.
That’s why we say “Those were the good old days.”
You can download that entire edition HERE.