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Special “America’s Best Run Cities List” E-dition

MONDAY, JULY 9, 2018
Trump’s 535th Day In Office

 Why Are We Not Surprised?
At this afternoon’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane about Channel 9’s latest headline story reporting how Cincinnati had been ranked one of America’s Worst Run Cities (Actually, it was 117th Best Run), according to WalletHub (whatever the hell that is) that compares the operating efficiency of 150 of the largest cities.

 “How can you call that news?” Kane asked. “According to T-Nation Forum, Cincinnati was ranked #3 on their “Poorest Cities in America List.”

 “Curiously,” Kane added, “Channel 9’s “Substantially True” News report didn’t give a possible reason Cincinnati was listed so low. Check out this ‘Poorest Cities In America List.’ Cincinnati came in #3.” 

10 Poorest Cities in America (How did it happen?)
City, State, % of People Below the Poverty Level

  1. Detroit, MI 32.5%
  2. Buffalo, NY 29.9%
  3. Cincinnati, OH 27.8%
  4. Cleveland, OH 27.0%
  5. Miami, FL 26.9%
  6. St. Louis, MO 26.8%
  7. El Paso, TX 26.4%
  8. Milwaukee, WI 26.2%
  9. Philadelphia, PA 25.1%
  10. Newark, NJ 24.2%

Now Think About What Do The Top Ten Cities (Over 250,000 Pop.) With The Highest Poverty Rate All Have In Common?

Detroit, MI – (1st on poverty rate list) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1961
Buffalo, NY – (2nd) hasn’t elected one since 1954
Cincinnati, OH- (3rd) not since 1984
Cleveland, OH- (4th) not since 1989
Miami, FL – (5th) has never had a Republican mayor
St. Louis, MO- (6th) not since 1949
El Paso, TX- (7th) has never had a Republican mayor
Milwaukee, WI- (8th) not since 1908
Philadelphia, PA- (9th) not since 1952
Newark, NJ- (10th) not since 1907

Einstein once said, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

It is the poor who habitually elect DemocRATS… Yet they are still POOR.