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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2017   
Is The Trumpster Really Asking His Supporters To Help Him Award A “Fake News Trophy?”
According to The Hill, “Americans are sick and tired of being lied to, insulted, and treated with outright condescension,” reads an email sent to supporters Thursday. “That’s why President Trump is crowning the 2017 KING OF FAKE NEWS before the end of the year.

“There’s no point in pretending that some journalists are anything more than peddlers of falsehoods and liberal propaganda,” it continues.

Trump has called out reporters and networks for FAKE NEWS during his 2016 campaign and all 345 days of his presidency, labeling unflattering coverage as “fake news.” In November, he even suggested that there should be a contest among the networks, excluding Fox News, for the “Fake News Trophy.”

 The Trump campaign’s email links to a poll where participants can vote on three media stories as “fake,” “faker” or “fakest” news. 

The candidates for “fakest news” are all stories that networks either retracted, corrected, or apologized for, including an ABC News report that Michael Flynn would testify against Trump; a CNN report that Trump and his son, Donald Jr., were offered early access to WikiLeaks documents; and a Time magazine report that Trump had a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. removed from the Oval Office.

“The FAKE NEWS has utterly abandoned their duty to fairly report the news to the American people,” Thursday’s email reads. “Some journalists and liberal pundits think that Americans are too stupid to see through their amateur efforts to manipulate public opinion, but THEY’RE WRONG.”

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Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane Says The Conservative Agenda Is Now Completing Working On Donald Trump’s Third 100 Days To Make America Great Again. Today Is Day Number 345. There Are Now Only 1,039 More Days Until Trump’s Re-election Day on November 3, 2020.