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Kids Can’t Answer Basic Questions

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SURVEY: Over 90% Of Colleges Limit Free Speech
FIRE’s latest survey shows that free speech is gaining acceptance, but nearly 1/3 of colleges still substantially restrict First Amendment rights.Profs: Selfies Perpetuate ‘Traditional Gender Roles’
“The celebration of traditional femininity has been is [sic] a vexing concern for some feminists…”

Student: Punch Republicans ‘In The Face’ To ‘Shut Them Up’
The President Of The Columbia University College Republicans Was Smeared As A “Grand Wizard” Of The KKK During A Finals Week Comedy Routine.

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Professors Say Trump’s Pro-Christmas Rhetoric Is Connected To White Nationalism 

Portland State Student Op-Ed: ‘White People Are Sick’ 

University Teaches White Employees How To Overcome The ‘Discomfort’ Of Being White 

University Event Highlights 14 Ways ‘Whiteness’ Oppresses Society 

Evergreen State’s Student Newspaper Includes No-Whites-Allowed Opinion Section   

White Students Undergo Weekly ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’ Program At Northwestern University  

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