Special “Today’s Hillary Protest Postponed” E-dition


MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016

Since She’s Not Really Coming Till Wednesday And From The Looks Of It, Local Republicans Could Use The Extra Two Days To Get Their Act Together. 

image004An e-mail from the Cincinnati TEA Party this morning on or about 10:22 AM told of a Hilary [sic] Fundraiser Protest so Real Republicans could wave Hillary for Prisoner signs and show their Republican Pride this afternoon from 4:30-6:30PM at Mount Lookout Square. The hastily arranged protest on this beautiful sunny day was supposedly hosted by the Hamilton County RINO Party when Lying Hillary was scheduled to attend just another one of her money grubbing events, this one at the home of Cincinnati’s Diminutive DemocRAT Mayor John Cranley.

image004Hillary’s campaign obviously must have gotten hold of that e-mail, because they postponed their fund raiser to Wednesday when thundershowers were predicted and the Cincinnati Tea Party sent out another e-mail on or about 1:21 PM postponing their Hilary [sic] Fundraiser Protest.

image004On or about 3:31 PM we received an e-mail from Hamilton County RINO Party Boss Alex T., Mall Cop GOP (Paid for by the Hamilton County RINO Party) correcting the spelling of Hillary’s name, saying  Hillary Clinton’s fundraiser scheduled for today has been postponed. Therefore, we will be postponing the protest we were hosting on Mt. Lookout Square. Please stay tuned for more details. To stay up to date on our plans, please follow along on our Facebook event here. We hope to see you when this event gets rescheduled! Checking that Facebook Page, we saw that 27 people actually planned to show up. No kidding. Maybe Alex T. should’ve sent the same e-mail to the Sanders supporters. They’d know what to do.image006

image004Or perhaps the local Republicans should’ve put Anderson Trustee (Running For Hamilton County Commissioner) Andy Pappas in charge, especially after the huge success of his “Walk Naked in Anderson” Event last Saturday that was featured in three separate e-ditions of the Whistleblower Newswire. Maybe Andy could get some of those lovely ladies to show up at the Hillary Fundraiser Protest on Wednesday, because that’s about the only way these local Republicans will ever get themselves any publicity other than being in The Blower.image011image012