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Official “Drinking The Mask-er Aid” E-dition


February 21, 2021
Vol. XXIII: The Ungrateful American

My Dear Friends and Benefactors,


Sieg heil!


Let me begin with a Healthier Lives Matter health reminder and PSA: you may obtain your placebo vaccines and health passports at my private cabana from 10 AM – 4 PM, MWF.  Some of the women may be asked to stay a bit longer after they receive their shot…to check for side effects, of course…and now, on to today’s motivational wisdom.


There is yet another thing about the American character that is so triggering to us Marxists.  It’s bad enough that the overwhelming majority of them are Caucasian European, Christian, cis-gendered and gainfully employed!  All that will disappear in good time, my friends.  But it is their complete ingratitude towards our comprehensive efforts to save the planet by eliminating excess population that really gets under my skin!


It has come to my attention, for example, that the sizeable homeless populations in certain American cities are now being pressured to take the COVID vaccine, but that their “lack of trust” is proving to be a barrier.  Apparently, you see, these homeless Americans have somehow found a way around the universal censorship of our media empire, and discovered the truth about our genetic experiments vaccines!


Perhaps they found out about Hank Aaron, eh?


But I digress.  Here we have our Federal entitlement teat-suckers and fellow Communist Party apparatchiks in the public health bureaucracy actually doing the homeless a big favor: eliminating the homeless problem by vaccinating them!  Worthy of groveling gratitude from these bums, wouldn’t you think?  Where’s the big sigh of relief for not having to poop on the streets of San Francisco?  Where’s the celebration for no longer having to live in grim, dirty shelters and homeless encampments under highway overpasses?  Where’s the appreciation for no longer having to stand for hours at busy intersections in the freezing cold and sweltering heat with signs begging for help?


No, zero gratitude from these vagrants: nothing, nada, zip, zilch.  Why aren’t they happy to be put out of their misery?  Who the hell do they think they are, resisting our plans?  Do they actually imagine that they are useful to anyone?  Would they rather subsist on eating dandelions and drinking recycled sewage, like the rest of the human race will be doing (except for Party members, of course), once The Great Reset is in place?


It’s a wonder that so many of these useless people got past Planned Parenthood, but not to worry: our benevolent Masters will catch them at the other end, in one way or another!  After all, it is only by eliminating extraneous human resources that our beautiful planet can be saved!


The depth and breadth of our wise compassion for these unfortunates never ceases to amaze me…


In conclusion, let me offer you a travel tip should you find yourself on the mainland.  If you are approached by a panhandler, be sure to lecture him on the necessity and benefits of taking a COVID vaccine, as an essential part of his responsibility to Mother Earth.  In fact, you should also offer to transport him to a vaccination site immediately.  If the vagrant refuses, then it is your duty to make him feel as guilty as possible!


As an alternative, you may wish to carry a supply of our special Kool-Aid on your person, and offer to mix the vagrant a delicious drink, right on the spot…


I, your most humble Supreme Pastor (but in no sense as supreme as our Supreme Master), salute your integrity authenticity, and intersectionality!

Sieg heil!

Yours for a healthier (and more sustainable) Temple,

(Rev.) Jim Jones

Supreme Pastor and CEO, Healthier Lives Matter

Little St. James Island