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Special “Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest” E-dition

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FRIDAY, APRIL 09, 2021

Viral Verses

This week, everybody who’s been bored staying home, wearing a mask, and keeping safe distances during the current coronavirus crisis, e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

            The winner is Perturbed In Park Hills, who despite having presented some powerful political poetry exclusively in The Blower for the past 32 months, has never actually won a Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest, probably because every week he’s presented an “overstuffed sonnet,” instead of a familiar five-line limerick.

Perturbed wins several dinners from a fine food truck of his choice during the coronavirus quarantine, an introduction to the folks at The Government Rag (An Educational Alternative News Site Since 2009) to see if they might be interested in reprinting some of his significant sonnets, and a compilation of his words of wisdom during the past 32 months in an upcoming special e-dition of The Blower.

Perturbed’s winning entry is:
A deadly virus we call the Chinese Kung Flu

Threatens to turn the White House and Congress blue.

That’s the hope of the hate-America crowd,
Those well-paid thugs and their permanent dark cloud.

The Chinks have our economy by the balls,
Assuming, when Trump’s popularity stalls,

That their fellow Commies, the D-RAT Party,
Will reclaim their Deep State and party hearty.

“Wake up, America!” Earl Pitts used to say:
Some new information has entered the fray!

This “pandemic” was rehearsed last October,
So if our elected leaders were sober,

They’d want to know just what Bill Gates was up to,
With his paid simulated pandemic crew.

His “Event 201” even devised the fake news,
Now consumed by docile masses like booze.

If you believe the Kung Flu began with pigs,
Then you must be munching on bark and some twigs.

Before you bow down to the ruling elites,
You’d better consider why they’re clearing the streets.

It’s sure not about their concern for our health;
What it’s about is magnifying their wealth.

This year, Perturbed’s Update Is:

A deadly virus we call the Chinese Kung Flu

Paved the way for the D-RAT’s anti-Trump coup,


And the intent to turn America blue.

It put Joke* and Camel-a in the White House,


(And let’s not forget Joke’s fishnet-stockinged spouse)

A residence we will now have to de-louse.


It destroyed small business, made Bezos rich,

And put the Trump economy in the ditch,


While making ev’ry American a snitch.

It set the stage for the globalist re-set:


A highly sinister tyrannical threat

That makes the USA China’s neutered pet.


Now “get the vaccine” is the daily theme,

But the promise of normalcy is a dream.


Do you believe that?  You’re naive in the extreme.

Bill Gates intends to de-populate the earth


While exponentially growing his net worth.

We should rue the day that his mother gave birth


To this psychopath guarding his pot of gold;

Can you guess as to whom his soul has been sold?


The first line of next week’s limerick is:
“If you haven’t gotten your big stimulus check?”

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