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Special “All Star Weekend” E-dition

MONDAY, JULY 16, 2018
Trump’s 542nd Day In Office

Happy All Star Weekend, Everybody!

      And Obsessive Cincinnati Reds Fans are still expecting nothing less than to see hometown hero Pete Rose honored at home plate re-instatement ceremonies sometime before Tuesday’s Major League Baseball All Star Game in Washington, DC. Pete Rose would also be expected to throw out the first pitch, sing the National Anthem, injure the American League catcher during a re-enactment of his famous Ray Fosse slide into home plate, and collect his share of the split-the-pot jackpot during the 7th Inning Stretch.

          Hurley the Historian remembers 1957 when fan voting to determine the game’s starters was completed, seven Cincinnati Redlegs players (Ed Bailey, Johnny Temple, Roy McMillan, Don Hoak, Frank Robinson, Gus Bell and Wally Post) had been elected to start in the All-Star Game; the only non-Redleg elected to start for the National League was St. Louis Cardinal first baseman Stan Musial.

           This year the Reds have three players going to the All Star Game, but most people in Greater Cincinnati probably couldn’t name them.

July 6 was National Fried Chicken Day, when it was OK for us White Guys to eat Fried Chicken, too, so we could all enjoy some of that crisp and tasty, finger-licking-good fried chicken. And we don’t care if it does make us sound slightly racist, our Freebie Gourmet says, “Popeyes do make some fine chicken.” And wouldn’t you know, our Good Friend Bobby Leach says he’s always preferred big breasts.

AND IN NORTHERN KENTUCKY,  Bluegrass Bureau Chief Ken CamBoo says also on July 6, Kentucky was the center of the auto-racing universe when the Confederate Flag 400 was run at Kentucky Speedway. Talk about your economic impact! All those people! And what a high class type of fans NASCAR attracts. 

Also in Northern Kentucky, we missed “Cheer Up the Lonely Day” when everybody’s supposed to make a lonely person feel loved and wanted. Larry from Ludlow says you should think of someone who might be lonely and try to cheer that person up. Sending cards or making a telephone call is okay, but only if that person lives too far away to visit. What a lonely person really needs is face-to-face time with other people. Maybe that’s why our good friend Larry says whenever he’s sad and lonely, the only thing that really cheers him up is when some nice young lady stops by to give him a hand job.

Finally, at this morning’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane asked Award-Winning Photo Illustrator Artis to come up with something appropriate for our All Star Weekend E-dition, something that might show how far Pete Rose would go to demonstrate how sincere he was about rehabilitating himself so he could be re-instated before Tuesday’s Major League All Star Game in DC. Unfortunately, all Artis could come up with was this picture of Pete receiving absolution when he went to confession.

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 Some Pete Rose Worshiping items in today’s Blower were sent in by our equally Pete Rose Worshiping subscribers, but let’s face it, we could always use more.

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