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Special “Angry Andersonian” E-dition


Trump’s 1,271st Day In Office

Yesterday at the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane why so many of the “Suburban References” in The Blower were about Anderson Township, which claims to be conveniently located less than 15 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, with superior neighborhoods, excellent schools, preserved green spaces, and diverse park and recreational offerings that make this community unique. It’s also easily accessible to the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport, 25 minutes away (but only seven minutes away if Kane’s Good Friend, Part-Time Fellow Anderson Resident/ Revered Former Congressman Bob McEwen is doing the driving.)

“Soreheads in the Suburbs are pretty much the same in Anderson as they are in Greed or Sycamoron Townships, or in faraway Suburban Oshkosh, wherever the hell that is,” Kane explained. “Folks hereabouts have the same problems, like the same RINO politicians and School Board Candidates who publicly support humongous school tax hikes along with enthusiastically supporting Radical Leftist Philosophy by voting to murder our Beloved Redskins Mascot.

Too many dumbed-down people pay their property taxes through escrow, so they’re not seeing how much their School Taxes Actually Cost.  That’s the sinister thing about real estate taxes, that Redskins murderers on School Boards are counting on.


To see how much an upcoming levy vote would cost you, go to the Auditor’s Web Site Here (http://www.hamiltoncountyauditor.org/), Click on the “Property Search” box on the left near the top, Click on “Owner” or “Street Address” to find your property, Click on “Levy Info” and you’ll see how much a Tax Increase would cost you EACH YEAR for the next umpteen years.

Then go to your Summary Page and Click on “Taxes Paid” to see the amount of School Taxes YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING, SUCKERS!

Maybe we all should ask why we’re paying all those school taxes on Friday, especially since schools have been closed during the pandemic.