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“Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest”


Trump’s 966th Day In Office

Elections, Dejections

This week, everybody who’s really tired of watching all those campaign commercials on TV, e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

image005The winner is noted political pundit J. L. Jaundice, who says he thought if you voted early, you wouldn’t have to watch all those crappy political ads anymore.

J. L. wins an Official Whistleblower Election Night Scorecard to tally this year’s D-RAT Debacle, 38 absentee ballots for him to fill out so he can participate in Early Voter Fraud like all those illegal immigrants and other D-RAT Voters, and an “I Told You So” Button to wear on November 6.

It’s about eight more weeks till elections
And no matter what your selections
Because the plain fact is
They’ll still raise your taxes
So the government can increase its collections.

It’s less than eight more weeks till elections
(In Japan, they would call that “erections”)
I can’t help being stimulated,
For too long I’ve waited,
To change our political directions.

And from the Anderson Laureate (who says if this doesn’t result in the restoration of his poetic license, he might have to file a complaint with the ARPLUBP (Americans for Restoration of Poetic License for Unfortunately Bad Poets):

It’s about eight more weeks till elections
And the country has still divided its affections
Hillary’s percent
Who still can’t pay for food or rent
Will vote in predictable directions.

If Obama’s D-RATS get elected again
It will be a terrible sin
That arrogant bastard
Has rhetoric mastered
I’m scared to death he will win.

All I’ve seen for the last several years
Has fed into all of my fears
Those guys hate the US
And have created a mess
If they win, I’ll be forever in tears.

Obama is still an arrogant jerk
Who has never done any real work
His strength is his style
Shirtsleeves and phony smile
Big ears and self-absorbed smirk.

If what I learned in school is true
When Obama’s life is all thru
Though he thinks he’s swell
He’s going straight to Hell
And he’ll probably fool the devil too.

Finally, Perturbed in Park Hills Says
It’s about eight more weeks till elections:
The D-RATS already have erections.

With visions of impeachment they are crazed;
By reality they remain unfazed.

Mirror, mirror, on the media wall
Who’s the most liberated woke of all?

Kentucky’s governor is on the line
As Beshear imbibes that “inclusive” wine.

In South Bend, Pete Buttigieg packed it in,
To run for POTUS in capital sin.

Tucson votes on “sanctuary city”;
They prefer illegals who are gritty.

But the big question for November Five
Is if Frisco on human poop can thrive.

Bette Davis would have called it a dump;
If you visit just step over each lump

The first line of next week’s limerick is:
“It’s time once again for Okroberfest”


Current Whistleblower Policies and Disclaimers can be found hereimage037

image006 Note: people who work in government offices should be receiving The Whistleblower on their home computers because we do not approve of public servants wasting time reading this trash on over-taxed payers’ time (except when you have something to snitch).