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Special “Political Videos Matter” E-dition

MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2019
Trump’s 780th Day In Office
At today’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane if, now that President Trump has finally called a spade a spade by saying “Mad Maxine” Waters has a low IQ, The Blower has the White House’s permission to make fun of her.

That’s why we’re posting your “Mad Maxine” Waters video page by starting off with The Trumpster’s Take-down Of “Mad Maxine” at that raucous rally in Pennsylvania for State Rep. Rick Saccone. 

Other Mad Maxine Videos Include:
A Brief History Of Maxine Waters Being Maxine Waters

OOPS! Pelosi & Waters Did it Again – Dumb and Dumber 

Captain KIRK Meets Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters Defends Her Intelligence

The Worst Of Maxine Waters

Rep. Waters Leads Impeach Trump Chant

Maxine Waters Says the Darndest Things | SUPERcuts! #439

Rep. Waters: ‘Tea Party Can Go Straight to Hell’

Congresswoman Maxine Waters says Trump’s Mika Bashing is Last Straw

Rep. Maxine Waters: I will ‘take Trump out’

Tucker: How did Maxine Waters afford $4.3M mansion?

Larry Elder: Time for America to ditch ‘Auntie Maxine’

Maxine Waters Stupidest Moments!!!

Diamond and Silk has an important message for Rep. Maxine Waters

Did Someone Say “Impeachment?”
In 1998 Maxine Waters Called Impeachment a Coup d’etat


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Congress and the Liberal Media Establishment will continue to lie and say really stupid things without a smidgen of journalistic integrity in their effort to advance the Liberal Agenda.

Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane Says The Conservative Agenda Is Now Working On Donald Trump’s Seventh 100 Days To Make America Great Again. Today Was Day Number 780 And There Are Now Only 602 More Days Until Trump’s Re-Election Day on November 3, 2020.