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Special “Remembering Shock and Awe” E-dition

march 19 shock and awe

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

image005It Looks A Lot Like What Trump Is Doing To Liberal Propaganda Media These Days

Hurley the Historian says on this date in 2003, the War in Iraq began with a shock-and-awe pyrotechnic display over Baghdad, and Defeatist DemocRATS in Congress immediately said the war had gone on too long and the response by the U.S. military was “disproportionate,” whatever in the hell that means.

Today everybody’s watching the Trumpsters bombastic bombardments against mendacious members of the Liberal Propaganda Media, because VERY FAKE NEWS CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post (and locally, The Fishwrap) are wallowing in the muck of total #FakeNews, simply making things up about Trump or exaggerating things entirely out of proportion.


Elements of the intelligence community, FBI, and Department of Justice (presumably Obama employees and holdovers from the Bush era), have been routinely committing major felonies leaking the most sensitive, most illegal SIGINT information that could possibly damage the President.

The information could be entirely fabricated — created from whole cloth — and there is little to nothing the President can do to challenge it. Utterly unfair, possibly completely fabricated, but how does one defend oneself against anonymous people in the shadows passing unvetted information to a press that lies outright anyway.

That’s why it was so much fun watching last weekend’s Marvelous Mendacious Media Meltdown after Attorney General Jeff Sessions finally followed up on The Blower’s Thursday’s Tactic E-dition and screwed up Disgraced Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s pension by firing his lying ass only a few days before his retirement. 


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