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Another “Friday’s Features” E-dition

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FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2018

Tonight’s Top Conservative News Stories You Won’t See On The Front Page Of Tomorrow’s Fishwrap

(Or On Channels 5, 9, 12, And 19, Either)

—  Tonight’s Top Whistleblower News Story —
Friday Night Firing

Guys at the Justice Department must’ve been reading The Blower’s Thursday’s Tactics E-dition last night, featuring the Top Ten Reasons Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be firing Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe And Screw Up His Pension Today. Sessions Must’ve Found His Testicles Today.

It must’ve happened, because tonight we saw Ken Broo calling the play-by-play: “He’s outta here! He’s waaay outta here!”

Now Everybody’s Waiting To See The Trumpster’s TweetOn Fox News Tonight, They Could Hardly Contain Their Glee.

Meanwhile, We’ll Be In For An Entire Weekend Of Whining On Very Fake News CNN and MSNBC Because “Andy” McCabe Got Fired Only Days Before his Retirement.

So Far The Blower’s Only Seen Reaction From Edward Cropper. We’re Still Waiting For Material From Some Of Our Satirical Web Sites Usually Commenting Nightly On The Day’s Top Stories.

They say McCabe Was Fired For His “Lack Of Candor.” The Blower’s Politically Incorrect Lexicon would call McCabe A “Freaking Liar.”— TONIGHT’S NEWSMAKERS —

Tonight’s Top Whistleblower Political Posters

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