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Special “Sunday Sermon” E-dition


This Sunday in America…at the Church of The Compassionate Conservative, Beloved Whistleblower Publisher, the Right-Wing Reverend Charles Foster Kane was once again asking his Political Parishioners to pray for Proper Punctuation on “Presidents’ Day,” not “President’s Day” or “Presidents Day.”

It’s The Most Grammatically-Infuriating Holiday Of The Year
(With the Possible Exception Of Veterans Day)

Is it Presidents Day, President’s Day, or Presidents’ Day? This might just be the greatest question of our time

The third Monday in February is considered a Federal Holiday to celebrate “Presidents’ Day,” And if Conservatives are serious about Making America Great Again during the final 632 days until mid-term elections in 2022, our Garrulous Grammarian says maybe we should also be praying for proper punctuation and grammar.

Why is there variation in the spelling of “Presidents’ Day?” “Presidents’ Day” is not actually the name of the official Federal holiday. It’s actually Washington’s Birthday but most call it “President’s Day” or “Presidents Day,” which can lead to confusion. The good news during the Dumbing-Down of America during the Age of Joke Biden* & Dr. Jill is that all three different versions of spelling “Presidents’ Day” get a “Presidents Day Punctuation Participation Trophy” and are considered correct by all Politically Correct dictionaries. How Woke is that!

Webster’s Third International Dictionary and many others have spelled the holiday as “President’s Day.” This is because it was the common way to spell it for many years but in the recent past, the apostrophe has been moved, and now it’s behind the “s” and not in front of it. The problem with the apostrophe before the “s” is because it is celebrating a single president when the holiday is meant to celebrate many presidents. This is not a day to celebrate just George Washington even though it was created in his honor. The holiday now celebrates the lives of the presidents that have run this great country and you often hear of Thomas Jefferson, JFK, LBJ, and many others when you hear the term “Presidents’ Day.”

The use of spelling “Presidents Day” without an apostrophe has increased as the “Fake News” writers at the Associated Press began using it. They say this is because it uses an attributive noun and the holiday is meant for all of the other presidents as well. With the apostrophe after the “s,” it shows that it’s meant to celebrate the presidents as well but the day belongs to them.


If you intend to celebrate more than one president, you cannot place the apostrophe before the “s,” because this limits you to one president. To honor multiple presidents you will need to move the apostrophe. Using “President’s Day” as the apostrophe before the “s” is noticed by some but most calendars and other things now drop the apostrophe or move it after the “s” to celebrate multiple presidents.

But one thing’s for sure. . No matter how the Trump White House spelled “Presidents’ Day” tomorrow, the Radical Liberal Propaganda Media would’ve claimed he was wrong.

And unlike 2019, thousands of Disingenuous D-RAT Paid Protesters nationwide are not expected to participate in planned anti-American, anti-Trump rallies on Monday as part of their “Still Not My Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, and Politically Incorrect President’s Day” movement. (Notice where the apostrophe is on that one.) The Blower remembers two years ago when nationally syndicated Salem radio talk show host Larry Elder joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday morning to shed light upon those protests. “There’s a line between protesting and committing crimes, assaulting people, committing vandalism, and many of these so-called protesters have long since crossed that line,” Elder said. Obviously, that video has been censored by YouTube, as is any video telling the truth about Leftist Ideology.