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Special “Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest” E-dition



Jacking Up Your Taxes
image004This week, everybody who can’t understand how his real estate values could have been plummeting during the Obama Recession at the same time his property taxes were being jacked up, e-mailed an entry to the Whistleblower Limerick Contest.

The winner is noted anti-taxer Norquist Tadwell, who says, “I wouldn’t mind paying these jacked-up taxes, if only they were educating the kids with the money.”

Norquist wins an autographed photo of the Hamilton County Auditor with Egg All Over His Face, an Official Whistleblower Jacked-up Property Values Complaint Form, free tickets to a seminar to learn how to successfully challenge the Auditor’s phony baloney value for his property, a “TaxKiller Tom” Brinkman “No More Drive-By Appraisals” sign for his yard, and tips from Bill “The Ethnic Cleanser” Seitz on how he got his old pal the Disingenuous Double-Dipping DemocRAT Hamilton County Auditor (who was permitted to run unopposed by the RINOs at 700 Walnut Street) to give him an historic tax reduction. His winning entry is:

When the Auditor jacks up your taxes
With drive-by appraisals and other false facts-es,
It’s no wonder that residents flee!
Is there no one to save the bourgeoisie
From these insatiable bureaucratic acts-es?

When your county auditor jacks up your taxes,
Make sure no one in his office relaxes.
File your complaint,
And show no restraint,
When you send them lots of rude faxes.

When your county auditor jacks up your taxes,
You’ll no longer be shopping at Sax’s
What’s really not funny
Is what they’ll do with your money
They should remember what they did with their axes.

And from the Anderson Laureate, we have another anti-tax message:
When the auditor jacks up your taxes
Don’t bother trying to find out what the facts is;
No good it will do ya,
He just loves to screw ya,
He’ll getcha where your fronts or your backs is!

The first line of next week’s limerick is:
“If You Forget St. Valentine’s Day”image003image001