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Special “Draining The Swamp” E-dition

FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2018
And There’s More Than Just One Swamp That Needs Draining

At this morning’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane about all the fun Trump is having these days “Draining The Swamp” in Washington, DC. 

“ ‘Draining the Swamp’ is a term which has been used primarily by American politicians,” Kane explained. “The term alludes to the historical draining of swamps to keep mosquito populations low to combat malaria. The term was used as a metaphor by Ronald Reagan, who called for ‘draining the swamp’ of bureaucracy in the federal government in 1983. Donald Trump began using it describe his plan to fix problems in the federal government during his 2016 presidential campaign. 

But according to the Conservative Movement’s Hilarious Happy Warrior M. Stanton Evans, “The trouble with Conservatives is that too many of them come to Washington thinking they are going to drain the swamp, only to discover that Washington is a hot tub.” 

 “And Washington DC isn’t the only swamp,” Kane added. “A lot of swamps closer to home need draining too.” For example, we have State Swamps in Columbus and Frankfort. And hereabouts, we have the Cincinnati Swamp at City Hall, the Hamilton County Swamp at the Courthouse, and especially, that RINO-Infested Swamp at 700 Walnut Street.