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Official “Drinking The Mask-er Aid” E-dition


October 25, 2020  Vol. IX   The Great Reset, Part I


My Dear Friends and Benefactors,


In response to your understandable desire for more information about “The Great Reset,” I have procured an interview with our Field Marshal, Comrade George Soros, who was kind enough to share his knowledge and expertise with me for your benefit.  What follows is the first of a two-part transcript of our recent conversation.


Healthier Lives Matter (HLM): Comrade Soros, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to enlighten us!  By the way, may I ask what your preferred personal pronoun is?


Comrade Soros (CS): Of course – you may call me Master!  As in, Master of the Universe!  Hah-hah-hah-hah!  Cough, cough, sniff…


HLM: Thank you, Master!  And allow me to also thank you for activating me from your cryonic vaults to play my humble part in this revolutionary project!  As you know, since my reappearance I have been busy re-establishing my People’s Temple, as well as forming a new nonprofit, to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.


CS: I am satisfied with your work to this point, but of course, I shall expect much more from you in the near future.


HLM:  I stand ready to do your will, Master!  How would you like to begin explaining our Great Reset?


CS:  Let us begin by dismissing certain pesky conspiracy theories about it.  There have been a number of Great Resets in the past: the Protestant Revolution – er, Reformation, which separated the Catholic Church from God (as if there is a God!  Cough, cough, sniff, wheeze…).  The Industrial Revolution, which separated the worker from the land and from his family.  The French Revolution, which separated rulers from citizens (and thousands of heads from their bodies – hah-hah-hah-hah! Hack, cough, wheeze, sniff…).  The Bolshevik Revolution, which was the opening salvo against the monstrosities of capitalism, and which precipitated innumerable blessings upon the Russian nation.


So you see, history is full of “resets,” which means that all these insignificant persons of no consequence who are issuing their tiresome warnings about tyranny are just so many flies who need to be swatted away.


HLM: And let me just add, Master: we at Healthier Lives Matter look forward to being your capable fly swatters!


CS:  Very good!  Now before we discuss some key points of the Great Reset, let us review the conditions that have paved the way for it.  In short, this global opportunity has been created by neoliberalism, neo-nationalism, neo-laissez-faire economics, neo-populism, neo-consumerism, neo-pacifism, and just about every other violation of our wise elitist principles you can think of.  In fact, I could lump all these failed policies together and just call them neo-disobedience to our will!


HLM:  I see….could you be more specific about what all these violations have done?


CS:  Certainly.  There are quite a few bad results, and together they have laid bare the shortcomings of the old systems as they struggle to function under the new techno-digital oligarchy.  And let me remind you that our oligarchy has nothing but the best interests of humanity in mind….wheeze, hack, cough, cough….


Let us begin with the current public health crisis.  Why has there been such disparity of response among individual nations?  The answer is simple: in an interconnected world, no nation can stand alone, or respond alone to an international crisis.  That is, it takes a village to eradicate a virus!  And my circle of colleagues, having created that village, will now put it into full play.


But this public health crisis has exposed other, equally serious problems: the systemic racism inherent in wildly varying methods of treatment, because of white privilege; the loss of small businesses and employment, while the megastores increase their profits exponentially and pay us even more tribute; the selfish theft of resources from the have-not’s by the have’s, without having passed through the controls of our central banking pyramid; the losses to the tax bases of governments, rendering them unable to pay the interest on their trillion-dollar loans to our money cartel; isolation of the elderly and the poor who are no longer useful to society.  Now are you getting the picture?


HLM:  Yes, Master – but what about climate change?


CS:  Ah, I’m glad you brought that up!  You see, our solution is designed, first and foremost, to place economies into harmony with the planet.  We can’t have smokestacks belching out filthy smoke!  We can’t have cows emitting methane!  We can’t have plastic bags and straws!  We can’t have oil-based transportation, coal-based heat and electricity, or even carbon-based photosynthesis!  We can’t have borders between nations, inhibiting the flow of capital!  In short, we can’t have anything that my circle of colleagues hasn’t approved!  Who do these people think they are, trying to circumvent our controls?  Snort, hack, wheeze, cough, spit….


You must excuse me, my thawed-out apprentice: I see it is time for my massage and Vitamin B shot, and I must prepare for a gathering of our spirit-cooking circle this evening, which will feature plenty of pizza and hot dogs…hah-hah-hah-hah!  Wheeze, pant, huff, gasp…


  Let us continue this conversation next week!


HLM:  As you wish, my Master.  In the meantime, I will circulate this first half of our interview to our faithful followers.  I am sure they will be as grateful as I am for your assistance.  We look forward to your discussion of the solutions to all these devastating problems!


My friends, I am certain that this first interview with our Field Marshal has whetted your appetite for more!


I, your most humble Supreme Pastor, salute your integrity and authenticity!


Yours for a healthier (and more sustainable) Temple,


(Rev.) Jim Jones
Supreme Pastor and CEO, Healthier Lives Matter
Little St. James Island