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Special “Forest Hills Scandal Update” E-dition

Hiding Out Begins Early In Anderson
This morning at the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane about that item in last night’s “25th Anniversary” E-dition wondering why the Forest Hills School Board had scheduled another Board Meeting for 7:05 AM on Friday. “There’s no need to get there that early,” Kane explained, “since the Board will be hiding out in executive session as soon as they arrive.”

What’s going on here?
Possibly some serious ass-covering by the school board: They can’t keep the lid on the building disaster much longer. It’s too ugly. So, waste more overtaxed payers’ dollars adding big legal fees to it by suing somebody, anybody, to deflect the blame from themselves where it belongs. They might even sue The Whistleblower for not blowing the whistle loud enough!

Thanks to Forest Hill’s own “The Five.”

Board member Bissinger was smart and lucky. She could see the $105m levy and campaign was a disaster-in-waiting and didn’t vote for it. Her luck was that her term was up. She may step off the board just as the shit hits the fan.

Hemmelgarn was just a pawn in the scam, knew it, and found an excuse to escape early.

Heis thinks he’s made of gold, diamonds, ermine and purple silk. A typically dull royal decision-maker. He stayed on for another four-year term although he believes he inherited the position for life with no accountability to anyone.

Frooman is a lawyer with two more years on his term. Of course, he would favor the lawsuit option. It’s always the other guy’s fault no matter what you did to yourself.

And Smith, with typical warped logic, may be campaigning for reelection using overtaxed payers’ dollars. Trying to show everyone how smart he is by distracting everyone from the gross stupidity he contributed in creating the huge financial hole the board may now try to dig out of in court.

Add to this that they lost the cover an experienced treasurer and business manager had been able to provide. Is that why their sexting escapades were allowed to go on for years? How fateful that the cover up may have been as solid as those peckers under the desk until a jilted boyfriend unintentionally and indirectly blew the whole scam out of the water with some social media posts.

An informed public records request might quickly uncover the massive financial sinkhole the board created against solid advice that told this board what they were getting into before they approved it anyway. It might also reveal the reason for this meeting.

And if that’s not what the meeting is about, they may be having one about it soon enough.