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Gary Sinise and His Foundation Sent Over 1,000 Gold Star Families to Disney World Last Weekend

In what has become an annual tradition for the Gary Sinise Foundation, their Snowball Express program officially kicked off on Saturday. Over 1,000 Gold Star families, those who lost a loved one while serving in the military, were sent to Disney World for a five-day experience.

Town Hall says “While Snowball Express has been around since 2006, this is its first year as an official program of the Foundation and our first year at Disney World,” Gary Sinise said in a press release. “We are so grateful that American Airlines continues their tradition of traveling our Gold Star families from all around the country for this amazing healing event. We can’t wait to see our 1,722 Snowball family members!” 

The Snowball Express was designed “to provide a memorable experience where they can access support, create new bonds, make positive memories, and build a community with the only people who can truly understand their loss: each other.” (LEARN MORE)

A total of 12 chartered flights, departing from 26 cities, from American Airlines picked up the Snowball Express families this year. And Saturday, the Nashville Airport Came To A Standstill As Passengers Sang The Star Spangled Banner To Honor Children Of Fallen Servicemen.
Hundreds of people were packed into the Nashville awaiting their flights when an airline attendant announced over a loudspeaker that children of fallen service members were boarding their flight. The kids were being flown to Disney World on an all-expenses trip. Everyone in the airport stopped as “The Star Spangled Banner” was performed, with soldiers saluting the children. Busy travelers stood quietly, some with their hands on their hearts.

“Snowball Express is an impressive event that continues to grow every year and it is our deep privilege to partner with the Gary Sinise Foundation to honor our Gold Star families. As a company, and as a nation, we owe it to them to never forget the sacrifice that continues long after the war is over,” said David Seymour, Senior Vice President, Integrated Operations at American Airlines and graduate of the United States Military Academy.

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