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Special “Recent E-dition Update” (March 29)


Wednesday, March 29 E-ditions

“Wednesday’s Wild Cards” (From The Whistleblower Newsroom)

“Updating The Blower’s Stylebook” (To Combat Inaccuracy In The Media)

“Rejecting RSVPs” (To Send A Really Clear Message)

Those Were The Good Old Days” (From The Whistleblower Archives)

 “Over-Taxed Payers’ Angst” (Taxation With Representation Isn’t So Damn Great either!)

Tuesday, March 28 E-ditions

“Tuesday’s Triumphs” (Draining The Swamp)

Almost Final Women’s ‘HerstoryMonth” E-dition (It’s just another made-up word Feminists use to make themselves feel good!)

“Debacle For Diversity”

(Another Reason For Cincinnati To Be Really Proud)

“Disingenuous DemocRAT Talking Points Memo” (CNN’s Angela Rye Compares Obama to Jesus)

“Conservative Cartoonery” (More Of The Best Damn Collection Of Political Cartoons On The Internet)

Monday, March 27 E-ditions

“Monday Message” (From The Whistleblower Newsroom)

“Making American Great Again” (Honoring Real American Heroes!)

“Dumbing Down Of America” (What We have Here Is A Failure To Communicate)

Obamacare Outrages” (More Medical Malpractice)

Sunday, March 26 E-ditions

“Weekend Wrap-up” (And It’s Almost Time to Start on Next Week’s Reports!)

“Sunday Talk Show Analysis” (Without Having To Watch TV)

“Sunday Sermon” (Today We’re Praying For Pivoting Presidents)

Saturday, March 25 E-ditions

“Weekend Wisdom” (Our Right-Wing Review Continues)

“Patronage County Today” (“Profiting From Experience”)

“Disingenuous DemocRAT Talking Points Memo” (Where Biased Local Newscasts Begin)

“Saturday Morning Cartoons” (More Of The Best Damn Collection Of Political Cartoons On The Internet)

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Repeal and/or replace Obamacare?, Republican Party, GOP, RNC, Heath Bill, American Healthcare Act, Trumpcare, President Donald J. Trump, President Barack Obama, Plante 20170323

Friday, March 24 E-ditions

“Friday’s Features”  (Looking At Some Of This Week’s Top Stories Through Our Liberal Logic Lens)

Just Another “Guest Column” (Now Let’s Meet Today’s Guest Editrix)

“Time Warner Business Class Update” (Now They’re Calling It Something Else)

“Weekly Whistleblower Limerick Contest” (“This month we don’t forget Women’s History”

Thursday, March 23 E-ditions

“Thursday’s Tactics” E-dition (Tonight’s Top Ten List)

“Springtime For Sluts” (Remembering When We Were All Watching Sluts In The Suburbs On TV)

“Disingenuous DemocRAT Talking Points Memo”

“Conservative Cartoonery” (Judge Gorsuch Cartoons)

Wednesday, March 22 E-ditions

“Wednesday’s Wild Cards” (From The Whistleblower Newsroom)

“Best Spring Break Ever” (Now We Know Why Trump High-Tails It To Mar-a-Lago Every Chance He Gets)

 “Women’s History Month” (Helping Women Get Ahead)

“Those Were The Good Old Days” (From The Whistleblower Archives)

“Whistleblower Link Of The Day”

Tuesday, March 21 E-ditions

“Tuesday’s Triumphs” (Tonight’s Media Bias)

Ohio Sanctuary Cities Update” (Not Yet On Trump’s Shit List)

Let’s All Go on Spring Break(Looking For Some Major Yabbos!)

Monday, March 20 E-ditions

“Monday Message” (From The Whistleblower Newsroom)

Annual “BB & BJ Day” Edition (This Year, Ladies, Give Your Guy What He Really Wants!)

How Do You Know It’s Really Spring?” (When Late Night Comedians Start Making Spring Jokes!)

Sunday, March 19 E-ditions

“Weekend Wrap-up” (And It’s Almost Time to Start on Next Week’s Reports!)

Remembering Shock and Awe” (Bush called it “Operation Iraqi Freedom)

“Sunday Sermon” (Today We’re Praying For Persistence)

Saturday, March 18 E-ditions

“Weekend Wisdom” (Our Right-Wing Review Continues)

“Patronage County Today” (“Primary Concerns”)

“Those Were The Good Old Days” (From The Whistleblower Archives)

“St. Patrick’s Day Hangover” (When Casual Racism Against the Irish Is OK!)

Friday, March 17 E-ditions

“Friday’s Features” (From The Whistleblower Newsroom)

“Conservative Cartoonery” 
Official “Wearin’ of the Green” Issue

Thursday, March 16 E-ditions

“Thursday’s Tactics” (From The Whistleblower Newsroom)

McDonald’s Corporate Twitter Account Calls Trump “Disgusting Excuse Of A President”

“Draining The Swamp” (It’s More Than A Metaphor)

Wednesday, March 15 E-ditions

“Wednesday’s Wild Cards” (From The Whistleblower Newsroom) Another “NoKY News Scoop” E-dition  

Tuesday, March 15 E-ditions

 Special “2017 Political Backstabber of the Year Award”  Warning Trump About The Ides Of March. 

Monday, March 13 E-ditions

Celebrating Women’s History Month.

And Sunday Night, The Staff Didn’t Know What Time It Was.