Official “Drinking The Mask-er Aid” E-dition


Vol. XIX: Alert!  Traitor in Our Midst!

My Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Sieg heil!

I am sorry to inform you that there is a mole among us, a traitor.  I do not know who it is, but this person is deadly to our cause and must be removed at once!  And when I say “removed,” you know full well what I mean – is there any need to be more specific?

Whoever this black hat is, he has spray-painted some doggerel verse behind the altar in the sacrifice chamber, which I will reproduce below.  In the meantime, I direct you to deploy all the snitching skills you’ve been working on to catch this dangerous worm as soon as possible.  If this person is not found immediately, all our utopian socialist perks will be threatened.  And you know what happens when we are threatened…


“Joke and Jill

Went up the Hill

To get inaugurated.

Joke fell down

And broke his crown:

His mind’s not been located.


Nancy dear,

See here, see here:

Your laptop has gone missing.

Will we now,

You friend of Mao

Find out whose butt you’re kissing?


Cocaine Mitch

Has got an itch

For Chinese cash and dames.

Mr. Xi Dost smile on thee

He’s ready to stake his claims.



The Facebook nerd,

“Community standards” dude,

Truth’s forbid,

Get off his grid

Otherwise our country’s screwed.


Twitter Jack

They’ve got your back

From Moscow clear to Beijing.

Closed accounts

In large amounts,

Only leftist birds can sing.


Google’s way

Is here to stay:

Sneaky algorithm king.

Hard core left

Sheer info theft

They call it “Do the right thing.”


My friends, I am not even going to offer a reward for this.  Your moral outrage should be enough motivation.  Snitch on – the traitor must be destroyed!


I, your most humble Supreme Pastor (but in no sense as supreme as our Supreme Master), salute your integrity authenticity and intersectionality!

Sieg heil!

Yours for a healthier (and more sustainable) Temple,


(Rev.) Jim Jones

Supreme Pastor and CEO, Healthier Lives Matter

Little St. James Island