Special “Sunday Sermon” E-dition




This Sunday in America…at the Church of The Compassionate Conservative, Beloved Whistleblower Publisher, the Right-Wing Reverend Charles Foster Kane was asking God’s help for Americans to be able to keep some of their New Year’s Resolutions at least January 6, when we’re all scheduled to count how many Republican Senator and Representatives in Congress actually object to the Dishonest D-RATs Vote Fraud Process that would put Joke Biden in the White House.

 “Nearly half of us have made New Year’s resolutions, but less than 10% of us are actually keeping them,” Kane explained. Whether it’s lack of motivation, lack of resources, or we just lose interest, it’s time to make a fresh start and figure out ways to finish what we’ve started. According to Shape Magazine, some of the reasons people don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions include:

Going it Alone
Extremely Lofty Resolutions
Giving up too Easily
Time Management
Financial Burden
Unrealistic Resolutions
No Plan
Lack of Honesty
Wrong Perspective
Not Believing in Yourself

image022You can see detailed explanations for each of those reasons HERE.



The Blower also remembers four years ago when Ohio TEA Party Guy Tom Zawistowski said unfortunately he couldn’t wish anyone a “Happy New Year,” since he was certain 2016 would not be very happy at all for our Nation, especially those of us who defend the Constitution and the American way of life. There was no doubt that our Liberty, our individual Freedom, and our national values and principles would be under attack in the final year of the Obama Administration like never before. 

There would be battles that lay ahead and we were confident that the radical regressive Left’s Destructive Agenda, embodied in Obama and his associates, would be defeated and that the individual would triumph. Thanks to our efforts, the American people were more in 2016 than they have been in 100 years. They had more than enough of the elites stealing our money, telling us what we can and cannot do, and dictating how they want us to think, speak, believe and live. The day of reckoning was nearing and we welcomed the opportunity to restore constitutionally limited government, at the local, state and federal levels, and the authority of the people over our “public servants.”

         On that New Year’s Day, The Blower believed 2016 would be the most important period in American History for our non-stop campaign against Political Correctness, the Devolution of American Culture, and the Liberal Propaganda Media, especially because Congress and all those Corrupt Kneepad Liberals in the Press would continue to lie and say really stupid things without a smidgen of journalistic integrity to advance the Liberal Agenda.

         That’s why our Right-Wing Reverend says Conservatives really need to make some Political New Year’s Resolutions this year, and for sure more than 10% will have to keep them, for there to be anything at all to celebrate in 2020.  

Political Scripture For Today

Donald Trump was asked if he could quote any Bible verses. He replied, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Deport him and you do not have to feed him again.” (Trump 20:16)