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TRUMP CHRONICLES Thursday’s Tactics” E-dition


At today’s virtual meeting of the Conservative Agenda, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane to comment on The Blower’s approval by the Presidential Historical Society for 2016 Elections Research because 2016 & 2017 Trump chronicles were a political precursor for Trump’s inept impeachment in 2019 and The Blower’s breaking news coverage of events in 2020.

For the past two weeks, we have all agreed Trump has had every right to be enraged that four years after Barack Obama’s top henchmen concocted and executed the biggest political scandal of all time, not one person has been held criminally responsible while trials against his associates drag on.

That’s why every night, The Blower’s TRUMP CHRONICLES: 2016 Campaign highlights our news coverage on that date four years ago during Trump’s 2016 Primary Campaign we also see how many unfinished events should’ve been taken care of years ago. For example, TONIGHT’S TOP TRUMP CHRONICLES: 2016 stories were here:



Tonight’s Really Big Story

image005Every day, The Blower’s Local Political Junkie We’ll Call “Cincy Dave” has to come up with Good News and Bad News for Trump and Hillary. In case he had to go to bed early tonight, here are a few of the late-night headlines he might have missed.


image007Here Is Some “Bad News For Hillary”

Hillary Returns to Campaign Trail, INSTANTLY Received Terrible News!

Hillary’s campaign just admitted she has a real problem

Hillary’s Kneepad Press All Repeating Talking Points – She ‘Powered Through’ It

More Misdirection On Hillary’s Health

Hillary Was Thrown In A Van “Like She Was A Side Of Beef,”

Hillary Has 1 Year To Live,” Says Medical School Professor

Report: Hillary’s Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors…

Losers Sanders And Warren To Campaign For Hillary In Ohio This Weekend…

Hillary Throws Aides Under Bus For Their Response To Her ‘Pneumonia’: “It Could Have Been Faster”…

Hillary Postpones Answering Questions In Email Case, Due To “Campaign Business”…

Hillary’s Attack Dog Offers To Pay For Dirt On Donald Trump

Hillary Claims Trump Has “Incited Violence”…

Bill Clinton Now Says Hillary Had “The Flu”…

DemocRAT Senator Claire Mccaskill Compares Donald Trump To A “Dictator”…

Pelosi Says Hillary’s Lead Over Trump Evaporating Is Good News For DemocRATS…

Hillary’s New Book Sells Less Than 3,000 Copies In Its First Week…

Cnn’s Don Lemon Laughs When Hillary Claims She’s The Most Transparent Candidate Ever…

Hillary Questions Trump’s Organization Ties To Foreign Business, (The Same Question She Hasn’t Answered)…

White House Won’t Disagree With Comment That Hillary Would Destroy Obama’s “Legacy” If Elected President…

Hillary’s Campaign Falls For Hoax Claiming “Pepe The Frog” Meme Is A “White Supremacist”…

Priest Rebukes Tim Kaine’s Parish For Giving Pro-Abortion Politician Standing Ovation…

Why Hillary Continues To Lie…

New Drive-By Spin: The Election Depends On Who Wins The First Debate…

Coulter Asks: Could Hillary Tell Us What Percentage Of Muslims Are “Deplorable?”

Top Hollywood Star Advises Those Complicit In Hillary’s Crimes To Turn Themselves In

Hillary To Deliver Speech On Monday Begging Millennials To Vote For Her…

image009And A Little “Good News For Trump”

Trump Leads Hillary Nationally And In Four States…(CO +4%, GA +6%, MO +13%, AR +28%, US +2%)

Trump Releases Letter From Doctor On His Physical Condition: “In Excellent Health”

Snicker All You Want, But Trump’s Appearance On Oz Was A Triumph

Trump Starts Campaign Rally WITHOUT The Media And Calls It ‘Really Good News’

Donald Trump Calls His Political Rallies ‘A Form Of Exercise’

Trump To Obama On Hillary’s Campaign Trail: “Shouldn’t You Be At Work?”

Donald Trump Vows To Create 25 Million Jobs Over Next Decade

Trump: The Only Thing Hillary Can Offer Is A Welfare Check, I Will Produce Paychecks

Time To Face It: Trump Really Could Win Thisimage017


“Conservative Cartoons” (More Of The Best Damn Collection Of Political Cartoons On The Internet) image010

“Disingenuous DemocRAT Talking Points Memo” (Where Biased Local Newscasts Begin)image012

“Constitution Day” (Will The Fishwrap Forget Again?)image013

“Only 54 More Days Till The Election” (Is Ill-ary A Real Basket Case?)image014image017


Fast Forward to 2017image015

And that’s the way it was today on the 127th Day until January 20, 2017 when the Next President can only begin to Undo all the damage Obama has done to America.image048

*1,146 Until “Dee-Day” If You Live In Anderson Township

More News Later (Or Most Likely Tomorrow Morning) From The Whistleblower Newsroom


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