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Special “Presidential Debate Forecast” E-dition



When Voters Ignore Debates to Decide

To debate or not to debate, that is the question. But unfortunately, that so-called September 29 debate is still on the calendar.

image005 But first, let’s get one thing straight: What you’ll see in Cleveland, Ohio on September 29 will not be a “debate.” At best, the media circus put on by the corrupt Commission on Presidential Debates will be a Joint Press Conference with a questionably Fair-and-Balanced Moderator like Fox News’ Chris Wallace.


image005Hurley the Historian says no wonder Lincoln, Douglas, Kennedy, and Nixon will all be spinning in their graves. And that’s why our Quote for Today Committee chose Roman poet Juvenal’s: “Two things only the people actually desire: bread and circuses.”

image005According to Wikipedia, “Bread and circuses” (or Bread and games) (from Latin: panem et circenses) is an ancient Roman metaphor for people choosing food and fun over freedom. It often appears in commentary that accuses people of giving up their civic duty and following whichever political leader offers to satisfy their decadent desires.

image005Sleepy Joe Biden won’t be under oath. Neither will his spokesmen and spinners, so there’s no danger of anybody being prosecuted for perjury. Or else, Biden, Hillary, and the entire Obama Administration would be in the slammer this morning for all those lies they’ve told, covering up for all those lies they’ve told about all those WikiLeaks scandals Hillary’s Harpies in the Press are still covering up these days.

image005You’re about to see a lot of hoopla and hype. You’ll see pre-debate spinning to raise and lower expectations and post-debate spinning for campaigns and supporters to tell you that despite of what you may have seen with your own eyes, their candidate won.

image005There will be focus groups of supporters who’ll said they’re “still undecided” so they can get on TV. At the media circus, pundits will be the clowns.

image005Then you’ll see media polls to tell you who won, and so-called expert analysis by Partisans in the Press telling you why their candidates triumphed. Biden’s Campaign is making sure his post-debate spinners will be wearing Coronavirus masks to avoid prosecution.

image005Unfortunately, when all of this is long forgotten, The Whistleblower will still be around to tell you who the real losers were— the American people.

 image005Political insiders at yesterday’s meeting of the Conservative Agenda asked Charles Foster Kane why he thought journalism in America was dead, and our Beloved Whistleblower Publisher said it only used to be because Liberal reporters kept getting away with presenting their opinions as facts. Today, thanks to thanks to WikiLeaks, the entire Liberal Media Conspiracy (sometimes called the D-RAT Media Complex) has been totally discredited for their collusion with Hillary’s Campaign and the Dishonest D-RAT National Party.  

image005And if you think Cleveland’s Upcoming Joint Press Conference with a questionably Fair-and-Balanced Liberal Moderator like Fox News’ Chris Wallace will be total waste of time, you could be right, since Whistleblower Pollster Ron Rasmussen says recent history shows debates having only a modest impact on the outcomes of Presidential Elections. Rasmussen says today’s  daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.

image005Nearly half of the voters still say their choice this presidential election will be the lesser of two evils (which would mean they will still be voting for evil), although Trump supporters feel that way more strongly than Clinton voters do. Fortunately for both major party candidates who have been beset with questions about their honesty and integrity, most voters put their policy positions ahead of their character.

image005One prediction The Blower is pretty sure about: what that week’s Saturday Night Live’s Opening Sketch will be about.


Top Ten List

Today It’s the Top Ten Reasons Those Televised Presidential Debates Don’t Mean Crap

Trump vs Biden: Tale of the Tape

10. They’re not really debates: They’re joint press appearances. Candidates don’t even have to answer the questions. No wonder Lincoln and Douglas keep turning in their graves.

9. Candidates don’t even have to tell the truth: Just like in their campaign ads. This week we’re still trying to count up all of Obama’s lies.

8. You’ll never know when somebody’s giving you the wrong answer: They should use a buzzer, like on a quiz show.

7. There’s no follow-up: Imagine a trial where the defendant gets to say “I’m innocent,” and there’s no cross-examination.

6. Nobody’s really watching: With all that media hype, audiences should be even bigger than for the Super Bowl.

5. Those who are watching already have their minds made up: Folks seem surprised when debates don’t seem to change many minds.

4. Guys asking the questions aren’t really objective: TV commentators are being paid by the same big corporations that give all that money to presidential candidates.

3. There’s no way to determine the real winner: Americans love the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. They need to see gold medal ceremonies or a victory celebration at the end of the game. Imagine after the World Series if they had to take polls and get spin doctors, paid pundits, and representatives of both teams to tell you which team won.

2. What in hell is an “undecided” voter anyway: Where do they find those morons? Are they ignorant, apathetic, or both?

…and the Number One Reason televised presidential debates don’t mean crap is…No Urine Tests!


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Chris Wallace Preparing For Tonight’s Fair-And-Balanced Final 2016 Presidential Debate

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