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Is Everybody Feeling Safe This Morning?

image006image004HURLEY THE HISTORIAN says it’s really hard to believe it’s been nineteen years since America was attacked on September 11, 2001. It’s even harder to believe those Radical Islamic Terrorists haven’t succeeded in attacking us here more often, especially during the Obama Administration. buy generic premarin

image006TODAY’S “LIBERALS SAY THE STUPIDEST THINGS” AWARD goes to Ex-Disingenuous D-RAT U.S. Senate Leader Harry Reid for “Obama knows how to destroy Terrorists.” 

image006OUR QUOTE FOR TODAY COMMITTEE chose “Oliver North’s “Air strikes are not a strategy for defeating a sophisticated, better-funded new breed of terrorist like ISIS.”

image006OBAMA’S CLUELESS SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY says “ISIS’ Hateful Ideology Has Nothing To Do With Islam.”


President Obama will give another speech to lay out his strategy on how to handle ISIS

President Obama will give another speech to lay out his strategy on how to handle ISIS

OUR LATE NIGHT TV JOKEWATCHER remembers when Obama made a speech about invading Syria, and Jay Leno said, “Obama is going to address the nation on Syria tomorrow night, which means here on NBC ‘America’s Got Talent’ will be delayed by ‘America’s Got Problems,’ ” and “Obama is talking tough. He said he will not rest until Syrian President Assad’s power has been reduced to the point where he’s on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’”  buy generic zovirax

image006IN COLUMBUS, BUCKEYE BUREAU CHIEF GERRY MANDERS also remembers also remembered when the Portage County TEA Party released a statement “warning” Obama about September 11 in 2013.  In making the statement, Executive Director Tom Zawistowski said, “We send this warning because it was apparent that in 2012, Obama and his top advisors were so distracted by their political efforts to use the IRS, the FEC, the EPA, the FBI and other government agencies to stop TEA Party and other conservative groups from participating in the 2012 election, that they apparently forgot the 2012 Anniversary, and did not adequately prepare for the attacks on our embassies around the world. Instead of intercepting warnings of the planned attacks on our embassies on the September 11, 2012 Anniversary, the NSA, CIA, FBI and others were apparently tied up reading TEA Party e-mails, listening to our phone calls, and tracing our web searches in a successful effort to prevent a fair US presidential election. Unfortunately, they were not as successful in preventing multiple attacks across the world on our embassies which resulted in the still unexplained tragic deaths of our Ambassador to Libya and three other brave Americans.” buy generic strattera

image006image008THE LATEST POLLS: Whistleblower Pollster Ron Rasmussen says today marks the 19th anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 that killed 3,000 Americans and injured another 6,000. But a sizable number of Americans feel their fellow countrymen have forgotten the horrors of that day. Interestingly, more are saying Muslims in this country have been mistreated ever since, even as they fear a domestic terror attack more than ever.

image006OUR AMERICAN MUSLIMS suffer from the collective demonization of all Muslims because of Radical Islamic Terrorism. And tomorrow is the holiest day in their religious calendar, Eid al-Adha. It commemorates the devotion to God of the patriarch Abraham that led him to be willing to sacrifice his own son Isaac to the Lord if he was so commanded. Same God, same Old Testament patriarch/prophet, same exact story as we were all taught as kids. Basically, the holiday requires Muslims to sacrifice of themselves for the benefit of God and others. It’s about self-humbling, submission to God, and charity to others. The North American Islamic authorities proactively decided that the holiday would be on 9/12 instead of 9/11 specifically to respect our memories of the terrible horror of 9/11/01.

image006FINALLY, AT TODAY’S VIRTUAL MEETING OF THE CONSERVATIVE AGENDA, Political Insiders were asking Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane why Iran may have received an additional $33.6 billion in secret cash and gold payments facilitated by the Obama administration between 2014 and 2016, according to testimony provided before Congress by an expert on that summer’s nuclear agreement with Iran. It was just another one of Obama’s Foreign Policy Blunders,” Kane explained, “just like when he surrendered to Syria, and four years ago today we expected more of the same during the Days of Dishonesty and Division for America remaining during the Dark Ages of Obama’s Second Term, unless the First Black President in History is impeached.          image009

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Today from the archives of award-winning photo illustrator Artis Conception, we see the way it really was fifteen years ago today…

…and how Kneepad Liberals are still trying to make it appear.


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